How the University of South Florida is Tackling the College Gender Gap

Civitas Learning Success Stories

Find out how the University of South Florida uses analytics to understand how best to support male-identified students with existing programs.

Explore how Lorain County Community College uses its partnership with Civitas Learning to deliver holistic student success initiatives that boosted retention and completion even during the pandemic.

3 Ways Lorain County Community College Uses Actionable Analytics to Reach Its Persistence and Completion Goals

Civitas Learning Success Stories

Lorain County Community College’s data culture and use of actionable analytics provided them with the framework needed to respond to student needs during their abrupt pandemic-driven shift to online learning. …

Explore to boost male student engagement with by leveraging your most effective student success initiatives.

Identifying Opportunities to Better Engage Male Students with Analytics

Civitas Learning Closing Equity Gaps

How better engage male-identified students in the college experience? The answer doesn’t have to mean new expensive initiatives and programs. Learn to better leverage existing student success initiatives to close gender gaps.