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You want to improve student success, but it's not easy

Students today have different needs and expectations.

Enrollment and rankings can feel like a moving target.

Limited resources and reduced funding compound the challenge.

We Can Help

We know this is hard work. That’s why we exist – to help you better support the students in your classrooms today. You’re facing strong headwinds, but improved outcomes are possible. Our approach uses data science & apps to support better decisions at colleges and universities in order to improve graduation rates.

How We Work

Increased resources, while helpful, are not a given in today’s higher education landscape. This doesn’t mean you can’t still move the needle on student success – significantly. What it means is that you need better intelligence about what’s working, a unified solution to coordinate action, and an appetite for continuous learning.

Join the Mission

When a network of institutions and educators use the right data, take data-informed action, and continue to learn together, transformation happens. Together with our growing community of practice, we’ll help a Million More students graduate each year.