We’re partnering with higher education leaders to bring together the best of new leading-edge technology, design thinking and data science on a mission to help a million more students each year learn well and finish strong.

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Having dedicated their entire careers to education, our founders have led and taught in colleges and universities, built successful ed-tech companies, and championed education innovation in national and international grant initiatives, policy work, and association partnerships. We deeply understand the challenges and opportunities colleges and universities face. Education is all we do.

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Universities and colleges have access to more data than at any time in their history. They also face more pressure than ever before to make the best data-informed decisions. By utilizing advanced analytics, machine learning, and data science modeling, you now have the opportunity to move from static and stale data to real-time dashboards and predictive models.


Our vendor-agnostic approach allows us to bring together the data from disparate systems and create a sophisticated student flow model focused on powerful predictors that are both institution-specific and student-specific, powering better insight for everything from major policy decisions by the board to daily outreach to students.


Our data scientists don’t operate in a black box. They derive features and build models from your data and then use engaging apps to tell your students’ diverse stories in a way that’s easy to understand and act upon. This opens up a valuable world of inquiry that enhances your ability to drive student success.

The Difference Data Science Makes


We are driven by the problem, not wedded to a specific solution. We understand that every institution is different, and will approach their student success challenges in different ways. This is why we are continuing to evolve our ecosystem of products and services, adding features and capabilities to help you solve your specific challenges.

Our approach is unique in higher education. We help institutions build a scalable, sustainable and strategic analytics infrastructure that unlocks disparate data sources and powers compelling apps that bring real-time insights to administrators, faculty, advisors, and students.

Our work with colleges and universities has shown us that the best results are achieved by bringing together deep predictive flow models, continuously improving testing layers, and engaging front-line action apps.

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At Civitas Learning®, we intentionally authentically frame our work in partnership with select colleges and universities that share a commitment to innovations in student success. Together, we strive for improved learning outcomes, using best-in-class data science and analytics to guide our efforts.

Our promise to our partners

Our promise to our partners is to provide the most meaningful institution- and student-specific insights and predictors, as well as relevant benchmarking across our community of partners.

We commit to being with you every step of the way, as we learn together in the vital work of insight-informed policy and practice change, and compelling work of intervention and inspiration science.

How Partnership Works

Pioneer Partners

Together with our Pioneer Partners, we are embarking on an exciting journey that holds the potential to help millions of students make the most of their higher education experiences in the years to come.

Pioneer Partners

Significant results and a continuous learning layer

Vision is important in student success initiatives, but nothing helps scale and support change like results.

Ultimately, you need both to be successful. Our work enables significant results along the way to achieving your institution’s unique vision.

We are not a point solution, but an integrated analytics architecture that enables you to make the most out of your data, making a real difference in your institution, in real time, with real results. Moreover, our platform and apps become a continuous learning layer that informs ongoing inquiry and initiatives.

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Data Science People Success

“Inspire for Faculty has improved my ability to communicate accurately and effectively with my students, and to make that communication more personal. This increases the likelihood of a student replying, and following along with my suggested advice to boost their engagement.”

Courtney Lewis

Professor of Communication

Valencia College

Improving Student Retention

Learn about the University of Arizona’s Recruit to Retain mission, and the role analytics plays in identifying at-risk groups otherwise overlooked.

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“Leveraging analytics differently meant thinking beyond existing approaches to generating reports. We
continue to challenge ourselves to think more broadly about our data and what we want to include in our analysis of our students.”

Michele Norin

Chief Information Officer

The University of Arizona

  • “We’ve been at the forefront of using data to guide student success innovation for some time. Joining this growing community of tough-minded analytics innovators was the natural next step, and we’re excited to share with and learn from our partner institutions.”

    Steve Johnson


    Sinclair Community College

  • “Illume is enabling finer-grained segmentation of our students, to identify smaller cohorts that we may never have been able to see otherwise. This makes it possible for our interventions to be highly targeted.”

    Hank Childers

    University of Arizona

    The University of Arizona

  • “Designing an implementation and adoption strategy that places faculty front and center from day one was critical for us. We wanted to make it clear that our use of predictive analytics would be learning-centered.”

    Kurt Ewen

    Presidential Fellow

    Valencia College

  • “We looked at how student engagement changed over the term, and got faculty excited about driving that up.”

    Joe Schaeffer

    Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

    Strayer University

  • “The first time I came to my advisors to talk about college, we just weren’t sure what was going to happen in the future, or how long it would take. Now we have it all mapped out.”



    Austin Community College