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Our Mission

We believe colleges and universities can provide every student the support needed to succeed during college, but it means shedding one-size-fits-all approaches designed for another time. Today, success requires a multi-faceted, data-activated approach that allows institutions to precisely respond to the needs of students when they need it most throughout their college experience.

That’s why we’ve created a unified, flexible analytics and student success platform with the specific functionality needed to close equity gaps, improve persistence, and boost on-time completion. At Civitas Learning, we seek to help your team achieve exceptional levels of student success and build sustainable institutions for generations.

Will Ballard, CEO at Civitas Learning

“We recognize that the data your students leave behind – a summation of countless real-time activities, interactions, and data points across each of your systems – tell an important story. We reach beyond the basic student demographic data to capture the complete picture of your student population to understand how to impact student outcomes with precision.”

Will Ballard
Civitas Learning

Our Platform

The Civitas Learning Student Impact Platform provides actionable analytics and connected workflow tools to enable your institution to improve retention, completion and institutional financial health.

Our Story

In 2011, our founders started Civitas Learning to translate the world’s learning data into actionable insights higher education institutions need to help their students succeed. Over the last ten years, we’ve pioneered and iterated upon our market-leading data analytics platform to develop comprehensive student success software that drives positive student outcomes across the entire student lifecycle.

Our team of educators, consultants, data scientists, engineers, and designers works closely with our partners to deliver intelligent technology, enabling their teams to use the information and tools they need to solve higher education’s biggest challenges. We believe deeply in our mission to provide technology, services, and support to empower partners to help every student succeed. 

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Advising Analytics
& Workflow

Case management and two-way, multi-channel communication functionality, including alerts, institution-specific predictive intelligence, and a comprehensive student profile. A single source of truth and flexibility to collaborate across teams provides a shared context so advisors and other student success professionals can quickly align their strategies and take coordinated action to support students.

Explore The Civitas Learning Student Impact Platform

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Administrative & Initiative Analytics

Centralized data infrastructure determines which combination of student success approaches has the biggest impact on outcomes. Unify data and deliver actionable intelligence to your student success teams. Uncover and understand the root cause of barriers and risks while there’s still time to act. Continuously calibrate programs and investments to ensure long-term institutional success.

Explore The Civitas Learning Student Impact Platform

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Academic Planning
& Registration

End-to-end planning, scheduling and registration experience with customizable degree templates, auto-generated schedules and collaborative dashboards to provide full visibility to students and advisors. Optimize course offerings and improve operational efficiency with course demand analytics, including forecasted and real-time course and section demand.

Explore The Civitas Learning Student Impact Platform

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More Than Just Software

Training and support to help your institution develop a data-activated student impact strategy designed for your campus’s unique needs. Get added value throughout the life of your partnership through resources, account support, participation in our partner community, and custom development options.

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