What We Do

Civitas Learning is a mission-driven education technology company. We help colleges and universities use data to solve challenges and improve student success.

Our student success solution empowers higher ed leaders, advisors, and faculty with the tools they need to measurably improve enrollment, persistence, and graduation outcomes.

Focused on Outcomes

We help higher ed harness the power of its data to help a million more students graduate.

Only approximately 60% of students graduate1. Too often students leave higher education with debt, but no degree. This trend has remained steady for decades, with dramatic disparities between different races and socio-economic statuses. Now, in the wake of COVID-19’s continued impact  and heightened conversations on racial justice, higher ed has never faced a greater challenge. Our students need to feel safe and secure on their path to completion. 

The good news? Together with our growing community of practice, we’re helping more students graduate every year.

1 Washington Post
States that tie higher education funding to performance have it all wrong, report says

Who We Are


Our leadership team brings extensive experience from education, software, and healthcare to our company.


Advisory Board

Our National Advisory Board includes student success leaders who share their expertise and insight to support our community.


People & Culture

Our global team includes student success experts, seasoned technologists, and proven customer success managers. And, we’re hiring.