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Improving higher education is all we do. We’re a mission-driven data science company, and we are dedicated to helping higher ed solve their pressing challenges and improving student success outcomes.

We harness the power of predictive analytics to guide student engagement, advising workflows, course evaluation, and institutional management.

Our solution and services empower administrators, student success professionals, faculty, and even students to:

  • Identify opportunities for student engagement
  • Coordinate cross-team student care and support
  • Measure efficacy of student success initiatives
  • Unify data and teams across campus
  • Integrate data insights into advising workflows


Our mission is to make the most of higher education’s student data to help a million more students graduate per year by 2025.

Today, ~60% of students graduate1. This trend has remained steady for decades, with disparities between different races and income levels. As student diversity grows, more personalized support is needed – yet spending per student is down 25% since 20072. Colleges and universities have to do more with less.

Our Million More Mission poses a daunting challenge. Together with our customers, we’re well on our way to achieving it. Equipping teams with the right tools to do the right work is crucial to success. To that end, our solution prioritizes:

  • Intelligence.
    Deliver open and connected intelligence to power personalized student support.
  • Measurement.
    Quantify the impact of student supports to improve student success outcomes.
  • Unification.
    Bring people, technology, and supporting services together to improve student success.


Our intelligence is amplified by the power of our learning community.

We equip student success teams with the data insights and the resources essential to effectively support students at every step of their academic journeys.

Connected Intelligence.
Our Student Success Intelligence Platform (SSIP) ingests student data to inform student support systems. With a direct connection to their students, institutions learn from each interaction, creating an iterative learning cycle.

Civitas Means Community.
Recognized thought leaders in higher ed, our consultants lend their expertise to turn insight into action, helping institutions overcome key challenges. We also facilitate the peer-to-peer exchange of ideas and strategies between the colleges and universities we work with, accelerating student success outcomes.



Our Leadership
Our leadership team brings extensive experience from education, software, and healthcare to our company.

Our Advisory Board
Meet the luminaries from across higher education that share their expertise, insight, and advice to our work and our customers.

Our People & Culture
Our team includes top talent from the public and private sector – and we’re all passionate about collaborating to improve student success.