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Accurate, actionable insights to plan course offerings that balances student needs with institutional resources.

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Civitas Learning Course Demand Analytics Course Trend Dashboard and Course Alerts Digest

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Course Demand Analytics empowers your team with accurate, actionable insights like centralized course data, real-time enrollment monitoring, and course demand forecasts. Build a more accurate course schedule, avoid course demand issues like insufficient course availability and over-provisioning, and streamline the student registration experience.

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Course Demand Analytics Solution Walkthrough

Watch the walkthrough hosted by the Civitas Learning Product Team to learn how you can build an optimized course schedule, avoid insufficient course availability and course over-provisioning, and streamline the student registration experience.

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Civitas Learning Course Demand Analytics Demand Forecast
Accurately Forecast Course Demand

Gain insight into future course demand with AI-based forecasts for specific courses up to a year in advance. Compare forecasted and historical demand to see which courses will most likely need fewer or more seats to support student progress and completion.

Civitas Learning Course Demand Analytics
Save Time by Managing Course Offerings in One Place

Easily access detailed course scheduling analytics like integrated academic planning data, AI-based demand forecasts, course capacities, and fill rates. Filter and sort to prioritize specific courses and sections that need attention.

Civitas Learning Course Demand Analytics Dashboard
Balance Institutional Resources with Student Needs

Make informed decisions about which courses to offer in future terms with course trends. See shifts in demand over time, the accuracy of seats being offered, characteristics of students who typically take a course, and the number of students planning to enroll in future terms.

Civitas Learning Course Demand Analytics Dashboard
Monitor Real-Time Enrollment Behavior

Section-level scheduling analytics help you respond to student enrollment behavior in real-time to ensure course availability. Adjust section capacities by tracking which sections are filling fastest and identifying which modalities, days, and times are most popular.

Civitas Learning Course Demand Analytics Alerts
Save Time with Automated Monitoring

Monitor course enrollment in real-time with customizable alerts that surface course demand issues. Receive notifications for low and high fill rates for specific sections or modalities or when students are on a course waitlist to determine when to add or adjust course offerings.

Create Even More Impact 

Course Demand Analytics is even more impactful when paired with these Civitas Learning solutions:

Academic Planning
& Student Scheduling

A clear roadmap helps students know which courses are required to achieve their academic goals. In collaboration with advisors, students can create customized academic plans and schedules that support their busy lives and educational aspirations. When paired with Course Demand Analytics, you gain additional insight to refine and optimize your course planning process.

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Leadership Analytics

Understand the factors influencing student success at your institution, discover opportunities to better support students, and identify which interventions work best for specific student groups. Coordinate student success efforts across campus and invest in the most impactful initiatives to sustainably improve student outcomes.

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