Build a Financially Sustainable Institution

When it comes to student success, leaders must shift away from a spending mindset (What’s the cost?) to an investment mindset (What’s the return on investment in this program?).

This shift in thinking allows leaders like you to better understand the real impact of student success practices on student outcomes. Insight into what works and for whom enables you to reallocate limited resources to the combination of practices that will most significantly improve student success – leading to more efficient use of resources and more effective initiatives.

Civitas Learning partners unlock meaningful data with ease to know where to invest their resources. This approach allows our partners to collaborate across academics, enrollment, and student services with a single source of truth to create more effective strategies. We’re proud to showcase the work our partners are doing to make every student interaction count, drive institutional success, and shape the future of higher education.

Resources from Civitas Learning partners to improve student success while also building financially sustainable institutions.


the Cost of Ineffective Student Success

Inefficient and ineffective student success programs and initiatives are an all too common problem our higher education partners experience. Understand how much ineffective student success practices are costing your students and institution.

Cost of Ineffective Student Success Initiatives

There’s no standard recipe for student success. Find out how ineffective student success initiatives cost students and institution.

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Assess Student Success Initiatives Impact

Calculate the impact of your student success initiatives to better understand how they drive student outcomes and contribute to ROI.

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Effective & Financially Sustainable Student Success Initiatives

Despite common challenges, it is possible to provide each student with the personalized support they need to succeed in a scalable way. Find out steps your team can take to increase the human and financial benefits of your student success strategic plan.

Increase Student Success Initiative Effectiveness

Explore 4 ways Civitas Learning partners develop student success initiatives that boost student outcomes and ROI.

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Graphic of up and to the right chart representing the relationship between improved student success and financial stability.

Achieving Financial Stability with Student Success

Explore four essential steps for building a student success model that generates ROI and supports fiscal stability.

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Why We Must Use Persistence as a Student Success Metric

Ensure that every student success practice supports the enrollment of continuing students and institutional financial stability.

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ROI-generating Student Success Practices

Find out how Civitas Learning partners use ROI-generating student success practices to help students succeed and build financially sustainable institutions.

Austin Community College Leads the Way on Closing the Gender Gap

Success Stories

Re-Architecting Student Support and Academic Planning Bolsters Completion by 45.8%

Find out how Austin Community College uses real-time student data analytics to close equity gaps and dramatically improve graduation rates.

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Data-Activated Email Campaigns Boost Retention at the University of Central Oklahoma

Success Stories

Data-Activated Email Campaigns Boost Retention at the University of Central Oklahoma

Explore how UCO’s intentional use of email campaigns resulted in 321 students persisting who would have otherwise withdrawn.

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“Civitas Learning is vital to our strategic planning. The data we’re finding directly influences the strategies we put forward. It shows us specific information like how meeting with an advisor improves persistence for a particular group of students.”

Teri Clawson
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Snow College