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Deliver Proactive Support to All Students

When tuned to real-time needs, success services make a significant difference in a student’s college experience. Effective student success is an essential part of your institution’s efforts to close equity gaps, encourage persistence, and improve on-time graduation.

But how do you consistently provide proactive support to students with escalating needs? In a rapidly changing environment? With limited resources?

Civitas Learning partners use data-activated, proactive student success strategies to improve outcomes and ease capacity constraints. This approach allows them to collaborate across academic, enrollment, and student services with a single source of truth to create more impact. We’re proud to showcase the work our partners are doing to make every student interaction count, drive institutional success, and shape the future of higher education.

Resources from Civitas Learning Partners for proactive, personalized guidance & support at scale.


Barriers to Scaling Proactive Student Success

Lack of staff and visibility into which students need help causes poor student outcomes and leads to staff burnout and turnover. Understand how common barriers to proactive student success overwhelm student success professionals and limit student success.

4 Challenges Derailing Academic Advisor Effectiveness (And How to Fix Them)

4 Challenges Derailing Academic Advisor Effectiveness

Explore common barriers to advising effectiveness that may stand in the way of significant gains in student success at your institution.

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Create Capacity with Proactive Advising Strategies

Find out how traditional advising caseload management practices are straining advisors and limiting student success. Plus, steps you can take to flip the script.

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Proactive Student Success Services for All Students

It is possible to provide impactful support to every student who needs it when they need it. And it doesn’t have to mean doing more with less. Find out steps your team can take to efficiently and effectively deliver high impact student success to every student.

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Student Success Impact Report 2023

Explore key trends and insights about what works for student success across the Civitas Learning community.

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Proactive Student Support Starter Kit

A step-by-step, data-informed workflow to help your team deliver personalized, holistic support at scale.

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Boost Academic Advising Capacity & Effectiveness with Rob Freidhoff

Hear how analytics and intelligent case management software ease capacity constraints and improves advisor impact.

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Proactive Student Success Strategies that Improve Outcomes

Find out how Civitas Learning partners use data-activated practices to scale proactive student support to all students.

Explore how Lorain County Community College uses its partnership with Civitas Learning to deliver holistic student success initiatives that boosted retention and completion even during the pandemic.

Success Stories

How Lorain County Community College Uses Analytics to Reach Persistence and Graduation Goals

Discover how Lorain County Community College delivers holistic student success initiatives that boost retention and completion.

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Data-Activated Email Campaigns Boost Retention at the University of Central Oklahoma

Success Stories

Data-Activated Email Campaigns Boost Retention at the University of Central Oklahoma

Explore how UCO’s intentional use of email campaigns resulted in 321 students persisting who would have otherwise withdrawn.

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Success Stories

Northeastern State University Improves Persistence for “At-Promise” Students with Data-Informed Advising

Find out how data-informed advising practices help those least likely to persist succeed at Northeastern State University.

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Data-informed Strategic Planning Leads to More Equitable Support at Snow College

Success Stories

Data-Informed Strategic Planning Leads to More Equitable Success at Snow College

Find out how Snow College eased advising capacity constraints and scaled equitable student success for its most vulnerable students.

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    “With a streamlined experience
    and registration process, course scheduling during advising sessions is faster. This allows more time for advisors to engage with the students on mission-focused topics, such as different degrees and faster graduation routes.”

    Juan Gilberto Garcia
    Vice President of Enrollment Management
    Texas A&M International University

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    “Civitas Learning has helped us drill down and get more intentional about our retention efforts. We’ve been able to use our analytics and platform to improve enrollment awareness, resource referrals, and ultimately re-enrollment in future semesters.”

    Dr. Samantha Kramer
    Senior Director for Retention and Completion
    University of Central Oklahoma

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