We’re on a mission to help every college student learn well and finish strong.

As students pursue their educations, they are increasingly using technology tools, online resources, and digital content. The data from these ever-deepening “digital footprints” can be pulled together to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities our students face. Indeed, what we’re learning is that the stories told in these digital footprints can be used to help inform, inspire and guide the learning journeys of millions of students. Working with our partner institutions, we analyze these stories to generate personalized, real-time information and recommendations to help guide decisions, big and small, across the student lifecycle.

Our mission to transform higher education is well underway.
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Unlocking the Stories

Higher education institutions have never had scalable, sustainable, and strategic tools to put education data to use. Valuable information often sits in silos, locked away in disconnected databases where students and educators can only use it in limited ways. Our technology and data science expertise allow us to unify this data and analyze it to unlock its potential – bringing the right information to students, faculty, advisors, and administrators in just the right way.

Our platform enables us to ingest data from learning management systems, student information systems, and other sources, then build school-specific predictive models that discover hidden connections and identify key decision points that affect student success.

Improving Academic Outcomes

Forward-thinking colleges and universities are already using our products to achieve big goals in course completion, persistence, and other areas of student success. We are committed to building this community of schools and learning together to find out which decisions and practices work best to improve student learning — not anecdotally, but based on the richest data available within and across institutions.

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Using the Stories

We work with our partner institutions to develop and deploy clean, user-friendly apps, which distill the deep analyses into useful supports for students, advisors, faculty, and administrators on the front lines of learning.

Using our recommendations:

  • students can easily select the best courses and degree plans for themselves, and identify ideal support resources to achieve their goals
  • faculty and advisors increase student engagement, understand which students are at risk, and know the right time to intervene
  • administrators analyze student performance, correctly identify which investments are working, and forecast needs for staffing, programs, and courses

Our Pioneer Partners

At Civitas Learning™ we intentionally began our work by focusing on a select group of universities and colleges. These diverse Pioneer institutions all share a commitment to innovations in student success. All of them use data and analytics to guide their efforts. These pioneers make up the next phase of leaders that will help guide the Civitas Learning™ data science, application development and student success-focused innovation.

These institutions form the nucleus of a tough-minded community dedicated to exploring how to help higher education institutions get the right data to the right people in the right way at the right time.

Together with our Pioneer Partners, we are embarking on an exciting journey that holds the potential to help millions of students make the most of their higher education experiences in the years to come.

To learn more about the work we are doing together please visit the Civitas Learning Space.