Initiate Success

Take precise actions that dramatically drive results across your institution.

As your command center for student success, Illume® uses your institution’s data to develop personalized predictions that are timely, accurate, and actionable.

Pinpoint at-risk students hiding in plain sight, develop coordinated student success initiatives, and deploy targeted email interventions, all from one place.

Each student’s data tells a story. Are you listening?


Your students are unique. So is your data.

Illume® enables your team to identify at-risk students, down to the individual student, with high accuracy. You’ll gain insight into the factors influencing their likelihood to persist, and be able to connect them with faculty and staff who can take action to improve outcomes in real time.


With Illume, you can find answers to questions like:

  • What types of engagement have the most impact on likelihood to persist?
  • What is the impact of financial aid on persistence?
  • Which students are deviating the most from their degree path, risking excess credit accumulation, financial aid availability and their overall likelihood to succeed?

By isolating key insights, you can immediately see a list of affected students and take action to best support them whether they are at-risk, highest achieving, or anywhere in between.

Connect insight to action:

The Student Lists feature in Illume integrates student persistence predictions with the ability to identify student groups in need of support in the current term.

This information empowers institutions to quickly and easily develop strategies for personalized outreach, act with precision, and measure the downstream impact of their actions.


100 DAYS

From our work deploying technology with institutions like yours, we’ve developed the expertise and processes to get the product in your hands in less than 100 days. We know that the faster you get the technology up, the sooner you can get to outcomes.

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Improving Graduation and Retention

Explores USF’s innovative work to successfully raise retention and graduation rates with a case management model and targeted outreach. Read about how they broke through a performance plateau and achieved 90 percent first-year retention and a 70 percent six-year graduation rates. Once approved by the Board of Governors this can earn them up to $15 million in performance-based funding.

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Persistence & GPA

One of our pioneer partners discovered the limitations of best practices based on GPA scores. Using Illume, they went beyond GPA to evaluate students according to a wide variety of persistence predictors.

As a result, they discovered that they had been missing a full 25% of at-risk students.

Enrollment & Scholarships

At one institution, Illume insights proved that high school class percentile was a better indicator for persistence than ACT scores.

Administrators subsequently changed the way they evaluate student applications and allocate scholarship dollars to hit their target enrollment rates.

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You don’t have to be a data scientist to have the power of data science. Our Student Success Intelligence Platform is at the heart of all of our products. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

The Student Success Intelligence Platform uniquely tunes insights to each institution and every student. One size does not fit all.

Our predictions are unique to each institution. They help you see around corners and into the future, continuously matching actions to outcomes.

When you have precise and accurate insights about your students refreshed regularly, you can act with confidence every day.


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