Change the Trajectory– 
And the Outcome

You can change the trajectory of your students and your institution by equipping your team with the data they need to take the action that your students need. This isn’t about predicting what will happen. It’s about showing you what could happen unless your team takes action to support your students.

The end result? A scalable, transparent platform for innovation and measurably improved outcomes.


Not All Intelligence is Created Equal

The Evolution of Student Success.

Now, colleges and universities are powered with a system of intelligence uniquely designed to focus on improving student outcomes at scale. Our Student Success Intelligence Platform processes data and finds signal in your systems of record and engagement.

The Removal of Silos.

You already invested in systems of records to improve transaction and student information, then – you scaled instruction and reached more students with systems of engagement like your LMS. But when transformed and unified with a system of intelligence, that data’s potential is unparalleled.

The Path to a Different Approach.

You’ll move beyond disparate point solutions and disconnected initiatives to a unified approach for your learning infrastructure and data-informed innovation to systematic, holistic student support. This creates a learning cycle that is fundamental to sustainable improvements in student success.

Look Behind the Curtain

You don’t need to be a data scientist to leverage the benefit of data science. As an academic and educator though, you want to understand it. We’ll show you what’s happening behind the curtain so you and your team has confidence to take action and learn what works.

Our connected platform allows you to learn from every single interaction and create an iterative cycle of learning and continue to refine your student success work.

You’ll be equipped with institution-specific data and automated identification of actionable knowledge points — and custom predictive models — not just models using some of your data. Our methodology enables our institutions to find new relevant insights based on building models vs. just running their data through a standard protocol.

Our Student Success Intelligence Platform is enabled by cutting-edge technologies from Amazon Web Services (AWS).