Remove Systemic Barriers to Completion

In order to finish their degrees on time, students need to know exactly what requirements they must fulfill and in what order. They need access to the courses they have to take when they have to take them. They need preemptive support if they’re at risk of veering off track.

Rigid, disparate systems and confusing interfaces make it hard for students to understand their choices, or to complete key tasks in their planning process.

This confusion places extra burdens on advisors and on registrars and staff, who lack accurate insight into course demand, making the course scheduling process time consuming and imprecise.

Our end-to-end planning, scheduling, and registration solution removes the friction in the student experience so students know where they’re going and how they can get there.

Your Student Experience Solution Should Provide:

Know where to adjust & how to prioritize support

Advisors can focus time on students who need support based on planning activity and specific course choices

Registrars can quickly reference fill rates and projected course demand for short- and long-term enrollment optimization

Our Student Experience Solutions Helps Students to:

See how to get to the finish

  • Easily see how completed and planned courses map to requirements and what courses remain
  • Gain a holistic view of their paths to success with support for multiple plans and the ability to add non-course items

Build a better plan with early guidance

  • Quickly choose and sequence courses in a plan with visibility into full requirements, pre-reqs, and co-requirements
  • Avoid delays to completion with alerts for potential issues such as a course not typically offered in the planned term or a later-than-expected completion with current plan

Benefit from an advisor safety net

  • Receive proactive engagement from advisors who have clear visibility into their plans
  • Preempt potential roadblocks with clear visibility into alerts individualized to their planning choices

Foster effective collaboration with advisors

  • Communicate with advisors via email to collaborate on an individually tailored plan
  • Communicate changes to the plan over time to make sure there’s clarity about choices and alignment with advisors

Save time with auto-generated and optimized schedules

  • Easily see all available schedules for a term based on your plan, breaks, and preferences
  • Compare schedule options based on all sections offered to find the best fit for life and logistics

Increase access with enrollment optimization

  • Easily monitor enrollment data to elevate sections with lower fill rates and available seats
  • Quickly report on course demand to optimize master planning