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Help Every Student Succeed with Coordinated, Personalized Student Care

Deliver proactive, holistic academic advising and student success services at scale. Coordinate student success efforts across your campus and intervene earlier with certainty around what works.

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With Advising Analytics & Workflow, Your Team Can:

View Comprehensive Student Information in One Place

Prioritize Student Engagement Throughout the Term

Identify What Impacts Student Success to Tailor Guidance

Create Efficiencies with Streamlined Workflows

Collaborate and Coordinate Student Care Across Campus

Collaborate on Academic Plans with Students


Deliver Proactive, Holistic Support at Scale

It’s possible to provide each student with the personalized support they need to succeed. With Civitas Learning Advising Analytics and Workflow, your student success teams know the whole student story, can prioritize student engagement efforts, and work together to ensure that students have the support they need throughout their entire college experience. Intelligent case management and communication functionality enable your team with the insights and tools they need to proactively close equity gaps, boost persistence, and increase on-time completion now and into the future.

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Understand the Whole Student

Inform holistic support with a comprehensive view of individual students and/or student groups from course history, LMS engagement, advising notes, persistence and completion predictions, and engagement opportunities.

Help Those Who Need it Most

Enable your team to see and serve the students who don’t already seek out support. Identify the factors influencing student success so advisors can apply their professional experience and tailor guidance.

Prioritize Student Engagement to Scale Success

Give advisors and staff the ability to prioritize student engagement throughout the term based on specific factors and indicators to make an impact before it’s too late.

Personalize Communication to Improve Outreach Effectiveness

Communicate with students in scalable and personalized ways. Determine which channels are the most effective mode of communication for particular students to improve engagement.

Coordinate Student Care Across Departments

Share information and notes, raise alerts, and coordinate student care across leadership, advisors, faculty, and student success teams with seamless collaboration and communication capabilities.

Eliminate Inefficiencies and Ease Capacity Challenges

Equip your advising and student success teams to make the highest and best use of their time with intelligent workflow and case management tools to easily complete everyday tasks and organize their workday.

Our Partners Turn Insights into Outcomes

How UTSA Avoided Pandemic-Driven Enrollment Decline With Data-Activated Retention Strategies

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is a Hispanic Serving Institution expressly founded to advance the education of Mexican Americans and other underserved communities.

How Lorain County Community College Uses Analytics to Reach Persistence and Graduation Goals

Lorain County Community College’s data culture and use of actionable analytics provided them with the framework needed to respond to student needs during their abrupt pandemic-driven shift to online learning.

Explore the Full Student Impact Platform

Advising Analytics and Workflow is part of the flexible Civitas Learning Student Impact Platform. When connected with the full platform, your team has the infrastructure needed to implement multi-faceted, data-activated strategies that help more students succeed and build sustainable institutions.

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& Initiative Analytics

Centralized data infrastructure determines which combination of student success approaches has the biggest impact on outcomes. Unify data and deliver actionable intelligence to your student success teams. Uncover and understand the root cause of barriers and risks while there’s still time to act. Continuously calibrate programs and investments to ensure long-term institutional success.

Explore Civitas Learning’s Administrative & Initiative Analytics

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Academic Planning
& Registration

End-to-end planning, scheduling and registration experience with customizable degree templates, auto-generated schedules and collaborative dashboards to provide full visibility to students and advisors. Optimize course offerings and improve operational efficiency with course demand analytics, including forecasted and real-time course and section demand.

Explore Civitas Learning’s Academic Planning & Registration Solution

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“We’ve always known that holistic advising is the right approach, but the Civitas Learning platform allows us to actually do that, to actually address the whole student and know what’s happening with them in and out of the classroom. We wouldn’t be able to do our work without a system like this.”

Leslie Abarr-Cuenca
Director of Student Success
Northwest Missouri State University

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