Where The Workflow You Want Meets The Intelligence You Need

Use your data to coordinate strategies, guide decisions, deliver care, and radically improve student success.

What’s Your Challenge?

Equipping advisors and faculty with the data and tools they need to help students who need it most

We deliver connected workflow applications — powered by a best-in-class intelligence platform — to disseminate important insights consistently across teams and enhance collaboration. This means your student support network has the context and workflow tools they need to find efficiencies in their day-to-day work and create space for more personalized and strategic action that delivers movement on student outcomes.

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Delivering more effective, comprehensive student care across our campus

Our connected applications enable a more holistic and collaborative approach to supporting your students. Because everything is powered by the same intelligence platform, your team has access to consistent insights, relevant context and appropriate tools to deliver the care your students need, when they need it. This means you can implement, monitor and scale more integrated, proactive approaches and initiatives instead of siloed initiatives.

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Informing strategic decisions and policies with real-time data about our students

Our custom tailored data science will help you precisely identify which students at your institution are likely to persist and those who need your support. The intelligence delivered to your teams is near-real time, and it combines engagement (or activity) data with key demographic information so teams can engage students throughout the term. As a result your teams are making informed, strategic decisions and ensuring students aren’t falling through the cracks.

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Understanding the impact and ROI of student success programs and initiatives

We enable on-demand measurement on what’s working for your students so that you and your team can better target student success initiatives, expand your most impactful services and advertise high value, underutilized programs. Our approach uses rigorous, prediction-based propensity-score matching analysis, you can finally understand the real impact of your student initiatives at scale instead of waiting on a report or randomized control trial results.

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Unify Your Data & Deliver Actionable Intelligence


Powered with a unified, 360-degree view of your students, you have a scalable, transparent platform for innovation and measurably improved outcomes.

Your platform is then extendable to our Student Success Suite – or if needed, other embedded CRMs that your team currently uses.



Focus Strategies & Care

Connected intelligence about students, activities and programs ensures your team has a solution for strategic work and day-to-day retention management.

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Inspire Advising

Workflow capabilities powered by better data mean advising teams can amplify their impact, deliver proactive outreach, make personalized recommendations and manage caseloads.

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Measure Impact

Understand what's improving persistence and for whom to maximize the return/efficacy of your student success initiatives and programs.

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Ensure Success


Work like this also needs a thoughtful approach to implementation, data strategy, and change management.

Technology is not a silver bullet, but it can accelerate your work when aligned with strategic initiatives, driving adoption, and process optimization.


Quantifying The Impact Of Academic Support Programs

Monroe Community College saw a 5.9 percentage point lift in persistence and 3.4% return on investment, and found new opportunities to nudge students.

A Lifecycle Of Sustainable Analytics

USU exceeded ROI expectations by examining the true cost of student success initiatives to prioritize what works and increasing professionalism and data literacy on campus.

Supporting Students Near The Finish Lines

Outreach to students who completed 75% of their program, but were at risk of leaving without a degree, resulted in a 34% increase in graduates and 38% increase in degrees awarded.