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The Student Success Intelligence Platform

The clearest path to better student outcomes.

Our platform was built to learn. It leverages data from across your institution data to find and distribute the strongest signals across the student lifecycle. It powers continuous learning from decisions made, actions taken and outcomes achieved. These strong signals enable precise decision support to empower students, advisors, faculty, and administrators with timely insights to personalize support, scale meaningful action, and measure impact to improve student outcomes. You’ll see the results in each solution — and in your outcomes.



Students and institutions are struggling to find the most direct paths to degree attainment. Students, advisors, and administrators need centralized access to the right signals in order to make well-informed decisions at pivotal milestones moments along the journey and effectively manage progress toward completion.

Intentional institutional planning is the foundation for balancing structured choice with student discovery. By surfacing key insights, like which courses have the strongest connections to graduation and insight to how course grade can predict graduation likelihood, this powers efforts in thoughtful curricular design and pathway articulation.

“Our Degree Map project shows that when students have more clarity and control of their degree path, they’re significantly more likely to make progress on their learning path and, best of all, cross the finish line and complete a certificate or degree. These are the kinds of outcomes all of our student success innovations are shooting for!”

Richard Rhodes

President and CEO

Austin Community College

Transforming Advising

Austin Community College implemented Degree Map to transform advising and improve student completion. Read how adoption improved the advisor/student conversation, and gave students ownership of their degree pathways.

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Precision Engagement

Institutions and their students are struggling to find the most direct pathways to degree attainment. Civitas Learning is helping to shine a light on those pathways, while strengthening the symbiotic relationship between student demand and institution efficiency.

When equipped with stunningly accurate predictions for every student on the first day of the term, institutions are able to ensure that the right student gets the right support at the right time to measurably improve outcomes.


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