Austin Community College – Learning Brief

Building Personalized Pathways

Learn how Austin Community College reached an 11.1 percentage point lift in persistence for students using Degree Map™ and retained revenue for the institution of $1.2m. ACC took an integrated approach to enable broad Degree Map adoption, elevate advising, develop staff and help all students stay on clearer pathways to credential or degree.

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University of South Florida – Learning Brief

Improving Graduation and Retention

This Learning Brief explores the innovative work USF is doing to successfully raise retention and graduation rates with a case management model and Civitas Learning’s platform. Read about how they broke through a performance plateau and achieved 90 percent first-year retention and are on track for their goal of 70 percent six-year graduation rates. Once approved by the Board of Governors this can earn them up to $15 million in performance-based funding.

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Strayer University – Learning Brief

Building on a Legacy of Innovation

Over the last several years, Strayer University has introduced ground-breaking initiatives to help solve today’s most perplexing higher education challenges. Read about their work to build mindset and increase faculty and student engagement in online courses. This Learning Brief explores their work, including a focus on a pilot that saw a 5% increase in attendance and a 12% increase in passing.

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Lone Star College System – Learning Brief

Integrating a Student Success Platform

Learn how the Lone Star College System integrated a scalable infrastructure and built cross-functional teams to be able to act on data-informed insights, scale innovations and assess impact from their initiatives to improve student outcomes. Watch video from the team and hear from a student who benefited from their commitment. See what a future-ready college looks like in this Learning Brief.

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University of Arizona – Learning Brief

Building Analytics Capacity While Boosting Retention

Learn how the UA merged its Institutional Research (IR) and Business Intelligence (BI) groups, then worked with Illume® to speed time to value on data-informed initiatives. Read how they created a vibrant data culture that used actionable insights from their work in analytics to identify previously unknown at-risk student segments, enabling them to achieve retention goals.

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Valencia College – Learning Brief

Fostering a Culture Focused on Learning-Centered Assessment

Learn how Valencia College’s focus on a good teaching culture was supported by work in analytics helping faculty drive initiatives to change the conditions of learning and to increase student performance. See how data on the front lines allowed faculty to connect more effectively with struggling students, helping them learn well and finish strong.

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RPA Journal

Insight and Action Analytics: Three Case Studies To Consider

This scholarly journal article explores the path diverse universities took to produce deep predictive modeling on student progression and completion. Through three case studies, this article provides a closer look at this iterative work achieving significant positive results on student persistence. The article underscores a key finding: there is not a one-size-fits-all predictive model for higher education institutions.

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University of Maryland University College – Case Study

From Insight to Action: Using Predictive Analytics To Impact Student Outcomes

Civitas Learning’s first case study explored the work of beta partner UMUC in using Inspire® to boost student success. This study explores the work delivered over three terms beginning in Spring 2013 to build predictive models and test various forms of intervention. Read how UMUC identified at-risk students and increased course completion by identifying their most powerful processes for student interventions.

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