Advising & Student Support Playbook

Learn more about evidence-based practices to help advising teams improve course success, persistence, and on-time completion.


What Really Works:
A Review of Student Success Initiatives

In this report, we analyzed 1,000+ student success initiatives run by dozens of institutions to answer key questions about what services and programs work best for students—and more specifically—which students benefit most. 


From Innovation to Impact

An article from Planning for Higher Education Journal,
Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)

This peer-reviewed article explains why rigorously evaluating the impact of innovative student success initiatives is key in meeting institutional goals for student outcomes, resource allocation, and return on investment.


Community Insights

Download our archive of reports and read about new opportunities to drive improvement and dispel myths or conventional wisdom. See examples of how institutions are acting on these findings to improve outcomes.


What Every Leader Needs to Know About Student Success Analytics

In this white paper, Civitas Learning colleagues Senior Fellow Linda Baer and Don Norris explore what it means to lead in the age of analytics. After surveying student success initiatives across the U.S., the authors found that some institutions are making good use of the plethora of their stored data, but may do not—and the gap is widening between those out in front in analytics-informed student success and their peer institutions.


Insight and Action Analytics: Three Case Studies to Consider

Research & Practice in Assessment,
a journal of the Virginia Assessment Group

In this journal article, we review three studies on the role of student success analytics in higher education.


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