Empower More Students to Graduate On Time

Remove barriers to completion and put your students in the driver’s seat with a unified, streamlined planning, scheduling and registration experience. Create tailored plans and prescribe personalized interventions to stay on course.

With Academic Planning & Registration, Your Team Can:

Monitor Fill Rates and Project Course Demand to Meet Enrollment Needs

Prioritize Student Support Based on Planning Activity and Course Choices

Collaborate with Students to Build Schedules That Meet Holistic Needs

Accommodate Institutional Processes and Dynamic Student Pathways

Equip Students to Build Conflict-Free Schedules in Just a Few Clicks

Support Holistic Advising with Integrated Advising Analytics and Workflow

Remove Systemic Barriers to On-Time Completion

To graduate on time and budget, students need a clear plan to help them enroll in required courses when they need them. With Civitas Learning Academic Planning and Registration, you can help students know where they’re going and how to get there. End-to-end planning, scheduling, and registration tools provide accurate insights into course demand, enable advisors to collaborate with students throughout the academic planning process, and empower students to build schedules that support their complex lives and educational goals.

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Clearly See Pathways to Success

Gain holistic view of paths to success with easy-to-see completed, transferred, and remaining course requirements, support for multiple plans, and the ability to add non-course items. Students and advisors can also evaluate the impact of changing a major or degree plan to avoid getting off track.

Avoid Delays to Completion

Select and sequence courses in a plan with visibility into requirements, pre-requisite courses, and co-requirements. Plan ahead with alerts for potential issues such as a course not typically offered in the planned term or a later-than-expected completion with current plan.

Collaborate on Academic Plans with Students

Work together to build an individualized plan. Communicate changes to the plan over time to make sure there’s clarity about choices and alignment with advisor recommendations.

Easily See Potential Schedules

Auto-generate available schedules and compare schedule options based on academic plans, breaks, and preferences to find the best fit for life and logistics and improve students’ likelihood to persist.

Meet Enrollment Needs

Monitor enrollment data to elevate sections with lower fill rates and available seats. Quickly report on course demand to align master planning with student needs.

“Civitas Learning’s Academic Planning and Registration solution streamlines the registration process. Course scheduling during advising sessions is faster — which allows more time for advisors to engage with the students on mission-focused topics, such as different degrees and faster graduation routes.”

Juan Gilberto Garcia
Vice President of Enrollment Management
Texas A&M International University

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Our Partners Turn Insights into Outcomes

Increased Student Persistence with Streamlined Planning and Registration

Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) prides itself on its ability to shepherd and mold students to thrive in a world that is becoming increasingly complex and culturally diverse, both locally and globally.

How Texas State University Achieved 80% Student Adoption of New Course Scheduling and Registration Tools

Texas State University’s Associate University Registrar shares how her team transitioned to a new student scheduling process, pushing aside the way things have been done before.

Explore the Full Student Impact Platform

Academic Planning and Registration is part of the flexible Civitas Learning Student Impact Platform. When connected with the full platform, your team has the infrastructure needed to implement multi-faceted, data-activated strategies that help more students succeed and build sustainable institutions.

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Advising Analytics
& Workflow

Case management and two-way, multi-channel communication functionality, including alerts, institution-specific predictive intelligence, and a comprehensive student profile. A single source of truth and flexibility to collaborate across teams provides a shared context so advisors and other student success professionals can quickly align their strategies and take coordinated action to support students.

Explore Civitas Learning’s Advising Analytics & Workflow Solution

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& Initiative Analytics

Centralized data infrastructure determines which combination of student success approaches has the biggest impact on outcomes. Unify data and deliver actionable intelligence to your student success teams. Uncover and understand the root cause of barriers and risks while there’s still time to act. Continuously calibrate programs and investments to ensure long-term institutional success.

Explore Civitas Learning’s Administrative & Initiative Analytics Solution

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