A New Level of Insight to Better Predict & Improve Student Outcomes

Unify data and actionable intelligence to uncover and understand the root cause of barriers and risks while there’s still time to act. Ensure your institution’s long-term success with continuous calibration of programs and investments.

With Administrative & Initiative Analytics, Your Team Can Access:

Real-Time Visibility Into What Matters Most

Diagnostic, Descriptive and Predictive Analytics In One Place

Institution-Specific and Student-Specific Insights

Accurate Predictions from the First to Last Day of Term

Instant Data Disaggregation by Student Group

Impact Analyses of Specific Programs and Initiatives

Comprehensive, Real-Time Insights to Deliver Proactive, Holistic Support to Every Student

Building transformational student success models is essential to create equitable outcomes and sustainable institutions. With Civitas Learning Administrative and Initiative Analytics, you can understand the factors influencing a student’s likelihood of success to address current needs. Leaders can uncover opportunities to better support students and understand which tactics are most effective for particular student groups and individuals. Your team can sustainably improve outcomes by coordinating across campus and investing resources in the combination of initiatives with the highest impact on student success.

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Understand What Moves the Needle for Your Institution

Unique models for persistence and completion predictions, factors contributing to risk or success, enrollment and course success trends for your institution by student group

Ensure an Equitable Approach with a Holistic View of Each Student

Accurate predictions from the first to last day of term, incorporating behavior and engagement data for an equitable approach to student support

Prioritize Opportunities to Support Students Who Need It Most

Intervene early with those who are less likely to persist or graduate and identify investment areas that can make the most difference in improving outcomes across different student populations.

Know What’s Helping Your Students

Efficacy analysis using data-science backed rigorous and statistically significant analysis techniques so you can efficiently understand the true impact of each student’s success initiative and policy and prescribe the most effective support.

Monitor Specific Student Groups

Identify distinct student segments, such as transfer students who are likely to persist, but not graduate, to track specific outcomes over time. Understand the impact of success strategies on specific student groups and individuals leading up to enrollment periods and throughout the term.

Extend the Reach of Your Data

Cloud-hosted data warehouse capabilities that include underlying Civitas Learning insights so your team can complete in-depth research, advanced reporting and analysis and can extend Civitas Learning intelligence into other areas of your technology ecosystem.

Benchmark Enrollment, Persistence and Completion

Track specific outcomes across distinct student groups over time. See the impact of your strategies leading up to enrollment periods and throughout the term.

“We had this information before, but it was always in multiple places. We didn’t have a connected, comprehensive view of the data or trends. This meant it was incredibly difficult to benchmark our work and understand where we can improve. Now, we can explore our data and apply filters quickly, ensuring we can not only deliver the reports we need but also take action immediately.”

Dr. Karla Moore
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment
Daytona State College

Our Partners Turn Insights into Outcomes

How Florida Atlantic University Used Student Data to Eliminate Equity Gaps

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) leveraged its data analytics to dramatically increase first-year retention, improve completion, and eliminate equity gaps in the categories of race, ethnicity, and income.

Data-Activated Email Campaigns Boost Retention at the University of Central Oklahoma

The University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) serves nearly 14,000 students in the greater Oklahoma City metro area. Over half of the UCO student body is first-generation.

How Daytona State College Lifted Summer Enrollment by 31 Percentage Points

Discover how Daytona State College increased summer enrollment by 31 percentage points with the Civitas Learning Student Impact Platform

Explore the Full Student Impact Platform

Administrative and initiative analytics is part of the flexible Civitas Learning Student Impact Platform. When connected with the full platform, your team has the infrastructure needed to implement multi-faceted, data-activated strategies that help more students succeed and build sustainable institutions.

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Advising Analytics
& Workflow

Case management and two-way, multi-channel communication functionality, including alerts, institution-specific predictive intelligence, and a comprehensive student profile. A single source of truth and flexibility to collaborate across teams provides a shared context so advisors and other student success professionals can quickly align their strategies and take coordinated action to support students.

Explore Civitas Learning’s Advising Analytics & Workflow Solution

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Academic Planning
& Registration

End-to-end planning, scheduling and registration experience with customizable degree templates, auto-generated schedules and collaborative dashboards to provide full visibility to students and advisors. Optimize course offerings and improve operational efficiency with course demand analytics, including forecasted and real-time course and section demand.

Explore Civitas Learning’s Academic Planning & Registration Solution

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