Our first priority is improved outcomes. We give you the power to leverage your data about your students and your initiatives to deliver outcomes for your campus.
This is how we'll realize our Million More Mission.


TAMIU’s SchEDUler improves registration, harmonizes education with the rest of life, and launches careers sooner by bolstering on-time graduation.

Quantifying the Impact of Academic Support Programs

Monroe Community College saw a 5.9 percentage point lift in persistence and 3.4% return on investment, and found new opportunities to nudge students.

Impact Analysis Drives Campus Action To Improve Outcomes

UMKC measured a 7.8 percentage point lift in persistence for its Supplemental Instruction program, which translates into a $600K return on investment.

Historic Retention & Graduation Rates

With a system of intelligence and case management framework, USF broke through a performance plateau achieving 91% first-year retention and 73% 6-year graduation rates.

A Lifecycle Of Sustainable Analytics

USU exceeded ROI expectations by examining the true cost of student success initiatives to prioritize what works and increasing professionalism and data literacy on campus.

Designing Pathways For Completion

With a system of intelligence, LCCC has streamlined the student experience, refined academic pathways, and scaled personalized student outreach to optimize paths to progression.

Scaling New Student Registration & Advising

Over the course of eight weeks, 17 advisors work with 6,000+ new students to ensure they are registered and empowered to go into their first year of college.

Prioritizing What Works For Students

UCO’s Transformative Learning Initiative has helped increase retention for students with lowest likelihood to persist by 21%. A 1% lift in retention recoups $1.3M for UCO!

Supporting Students Near The Finish Lines

Outreach to students who completed 75% of their program, but were at risk of leaving without a degree, resulted in a 34% increase in graduates and 38% increase in degrees awarded.

Building Personalized Pathways

Use of Degree Map resulted in an 11%pp lift in persistence for students, 1,300 additional students persisting and $1.36 million in retained revenue in just one term.

Improving Student Adoption & Satisfaction

Butler uses a student mobile app to transform their approach to engaging students throughout their journey, and foster a deeper sense of belonging and connection for students.

Meaningful Messages To Engage Students

NU had challenges reaching students via their messaging center. Using Illume they nudged 1,700 students not scheduled for next term and 78% responded and took action.

Accelerating Time To Completion

LSC built cross-functional team and designed nudges to part-time students noting the benefits of enrolling full-time, including saving on cost and time to completion.

A Nudge To Change Student Behavior

Advisors and Faculty sent nudges to 900 students encouraging re-enrollment. This resulted in a 42% increase in re-enrollment for the next term and positive responses from students.

Personalized “One More Course” Nudge

Harper found an opportunity to nudge 2,000 part-time students to register for an additional course. This resulted in ~300 courses added and $120,000 dollars in tuition revenue.