The Cost of Ineffective Student Success Initiatives

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Student success initiatives (SSIs) are essential to help students persist toward graduation. But despite increased investment in SSIs, outcomes aren’t improving enough. It’s still unclear who needs help, services are underutilized, staff capacity is limited, information is siloed, and it’s challenging to align approaches across departments.

Do you know how much ineffective SSIs are costing your institution?

Stopping Out of College Costs Institutions & Students:

$16.6 b

in lost tuition revenue each year

$7 k

debt acquired per student who stops out

$21 k

less in annual earnings per student compared to graduates

The Good News? Top Reasons Students Stop Out Can Be Mitigated with Institutional Support:


Financial Pressure


Academic Disqualification


Poor Social Fit


Little Family Support

The Bad News? Many Student Success Initiativesare Missing Opportunities to Help Students:


of student success initiatives have no measurable impact on persistence to graduation


of initiatives that help students succeed do not work for specific student groups


of students’ likelihoodto persist changes over the course of a term

Improve the Human & Financial Impact of Your Student Success Initiatives.

While one-size-fits all best practices may have been effective in the past, there’s no longer a standard recipe for student success.


Relying on lagging indicators of risk to plan interventions

Assuming what works for one group of students works for all students*

Equating participation with impact*

*Source Education Data Initiative:
* *What Works for Student Success

To scale effective student success approaches you must know what’s working for specific students and which efforts contribute to net tuition revenue. Do you know?

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