Driving change takes a team.

Change Isn't Easy

Evolving the way you use technology and data, building an outcomes-driven culture, understanding how to use analytical insight to pinpoint change and measure results…These are not small tasks.

But through our carefully curated consulting engagements, successfully navigating changes like these is possible. Work hand-in-hand with higher education experts to tackle challenges head on and start driving important change at your institution.

What Challenge Are You Ready To Tackle?

Getting Ready For Change

Implementing change across an entire institution is a critical, yet overwhelming task. In today’s higher education environment, institutions that determine analytics as central to accomplishing the larger institutional mission can certainly realize the benefits of improved student success. However, with a network of colleges, units, working groups, and individuals who respond to change in different ways, leading this effort requires the right structure and communication.

By working hand-in-hand with a Civitas Learning consultant, you will have the upper hand in navigating this change. Following a comprehensive discovery process, your consultant will design an institution-specific plan to create the conditions for change, including unique insights, critical milestones, and a targeted action plan.

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Implementing A Data Strategy

With data residing in different areas across an institution, often with varying levels of detail and access, seeing the complete picture in an efficient way requires more time and resources than many are capable of providing. Identifying the right data strategy that aligns with all departments and complements your existing analytics expertise is a critical step, and one that the Civitas Learning consultants have several years of experience solving.

Your consultant will guide you through a process of data mapping across your institution, which includes identifying any gaps, duplicate efforts, and data capacity restraints. This process will help your institution move towards a culture that supports continuous tracking, assessment, and iterative improvement around plan objectives.

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I Don't Know Where To Start

When your institution is facing big change, it’s hard to even know where to begin. Civitas Learning can help. Following a complimentary consultation, your Civitas Learning consultant can recommend next steps and guide you and your team through a consulting engagement customized to the needs of your institution.

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Our Consulting Approach


Unearth important insights about your institution


Synthesize findings to develop an action plan


Begin executing on action plan


Review progress and results and determine
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Meet Our Consultants

Dr. Rob Robinson

Dr. Rob Robinson helps colleges and universities leverage data analytics to further their mission of student success, with a specific focus on online learning, institutional change management and culture.

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Dr. Angela Baldasare

Dr. Angela Baldasare helps institutional leaders successfully advance their data strategy and analytics maturity, with a specific focus on assessment and student outcomes.

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Tina Donahoo

Tina Donahoo is a Principal Strategic Consultant at Civitas Learning where she works with colleges and universities on the use of advanced analytics for assessment and optimization of student success initiatives and financial aid allocation.

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Chris Greenough

Chris Greenough is a Principal Data Science Consultant at Civitas Learning. He brings 20 years of experience working with universities across the globe to increase their adoption of new technologies and practices.

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Civitas Learning is a proud partner of Ruffalo Noel Levitz, with whom we partner on other important consulting engagements including recruitment marketing, enrollment management, retention strategy, and fundraising.