Built For Outcomes


Our platform was built to learn. It leverages data from across your institution data to find and distribute the strongest signals across the student lifecycle. It powers continuous learning from decisions made, actions taken and outcomes achieved. These strong signals enable precise decision support to empower students, advisors, faculty, and administrators with timely insights to personalize support, scale meaningful action, and measure impact to improve student outcomes. You’ll see the results in each solution — and in your outcomes.



Students and institutions are struggling to find the most direct paths to degree attainment. Students, advisors, and administrators need centralized access to the right signals in order to make well-informed decisions at pivotal milestones moments along the journey and effectively manage progress toward completion.

Together with our partners, we empower students to make informed decisions about their future with clear and accessible degree planning, personalized guidance, and smart scheduling that balances life and learning. Students can understand the impact of their choices and advising is tailored to keep students on track. With students actively engaged in their educational planning, institutions gain better line of sight to plan for course demand so students have access to classes when they need them to increase on-time completion.


Persistence Management

Along their path to graduation, many students encounter unexpected challenges that put their success at risk. Institutions are working hard to identify and support these students, but often lack precise signals critical to ensuring that student engagement is personalized, impactful, and moves the needle on persistence and graduation rates.

When equipped with stunningly accurate predictions for every student on the first day of the term, institutions are able to ensure that the right student gets the right support at the right time to measurably improve outcomes. We help institutions scale meaningful support throughout the year, quickly prioritize outreach within a caseload, and intervene early.


Efficacy Measurement

Institutions everywhere are straining under initiative fatigue – too many programs requiring too many resources to sustain and too many unknowns to make critical decisions about efficacy and resource reallocation.

Equipped with the ability to measure the impact of their efforts, institutions can now rally around important policy decisions, prioritize and coordinate efforts, appropriately support programs and guide students toward the ones that will work best for them. With Civitas Learning, speed and accuracy go hand-in-hand.


Holistic Advising

Institutions are trying to figure out how to make the most of a strategic resources for student success – advisors and educators. Without the tools to understand which factors are most predictive of success and to act upon those insights, advising staff are often stuck focusing on tasks versus outcomes.

Equip advisors and educators with data-informed opportunities to proactively manage changing student needs and free up space for creative problem solving with more students. Give them the tools to personalize support, collaborate across campus and across functions, and focus thoughtful action on situations where they will have a higher impact on student persistence and success.



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