Improved Equity Can’t Wait

We can –  and must – remove barriers to improved equity and student success.


Remove hidden barriers and unintended consequences that limit equitable student success. Explore how our partners use the Civitas Learning Student Impact Platform to identify specific equity gaps, understand barriers with clarity, prescribe the right interventions, and use real-time data to fine-tune initiatives, policies, and investments to drive success for every student and student-group.

Equity Playbook


Equity Playbook
Discover key evidence-based practices, considerations, and strategies that Civitas Learning partners use to achieve more equitable outcomes for all students.

Equity Infographic


How Student Success Initiatives Are Closing Achievement Gaps
Take a closer look at the effect of policies, programs and practices on retention at a variety of colleges and universities.

Equity Report


Community Insights Report: What Matters Most for Equity
Explore emerging trends from more than 300 student success initiatives and their impact on different student groups.


“By staying relentlessly focused on the data, we’ve been able to ensure that our student success campaigns are always grounded in equity—even if the insights sometimes lead us to uncomfortable conclusions about what’s working for our students.”

Dr. James Capp
Assistant Provost for Academic Operations & Planning
Florida Atlantic University

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Closing Equity Gaps

Learn how our partners are achieving more equitable outcomes on their campuses.


Florida Atlantic University

Discover how Florida Atlantic University eliminated achievement gaps by race, ethnicity, and income.

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Austin Community College

Learn how Austin Community College broke down persistent barriers to success for its diverse student population.

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