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Remove Barriers to Equitable Outcomes

Inequity continues to pervade higher education, and 63% of leaders report still needing more insights to make informed decisions to close equity gaps.

Colleges and universities need an equity framework to help them understand students’ complex lives, accurately identify the challenges students face, and proactively connect students to the right resources to help them succeed.

Civitas Learning partners advance equity by using actionable data insights to align their student success systems to the diverse challenges and circumstances students face.

We’re proud to showcase the work our partners are doing to realize higher education’s promise to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

Resources from Civitas Learning community to improve equitable student success.


Equity Gaps with Data-Activated Practices

Disagregate data to uncover unique factors that impact specific student groups. Identify which initiatives best support them to deliver precise support.

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Community Insights Report: What Matters Most for Equity

Explore emerging trends from more than 300 student success initiatives and their impact on different student groups.

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How Student Success Initiatives Are Closing Achievement Gaps

Take a closer look at the effect of policies, programs, and practices on retention at a variety of colleges and universities.

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Student Success Strategies that Advance Equity

Tangible, practical strategies and approaches to help higher ed leaders and their teams deliver the support that allows all students to thrive.

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Equity Playbook

Discover evidence-based practices to achieve more equitable outcomes for all students.

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Closing Equity Gaps in Higher Education

Explore the most effective data-activated strategies our partners use to close equity gaps.

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Access and Equity in Student Success with Karl Smith

Hear how Tacoma Community College uses holistic student success approaches to ensure that every student thrives.

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How Other Institutions Close Equity Gaps

Find out how Civitas Learning partners use data-activated student success practices to remove barriers to equitable student success.

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Success Stories

Tacoma Community College’s Data-Informed Approach Provides an Equity Framework

Hear how Tacoma County Community College uses proactive, data-activated student success practices to close equity gaps.

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How the University of Texas at San Antonio Proactively Engages Male Students of Color

Success Stories

How the University of Texas at San Antonio Proactively Engages Male Students of Color

Explore how UTSA’s consistent initiative analysis helps them provide the right support to male students when they need it most.

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“The Civitas Learning Platform allows us to see when a student is showing signs of distress, whether it’s a drop in grade or not logging into the LMS. This empowers advisors, tutors, and even librarians to reach out in time to connect the student to appropriate resources and support.”

Karl Smith
VP of Student Success
Tacoma Community College

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