Best Practices Don’t Guarantee Student Outcomes

Advising consistently ranks as a top-performing investment

Advising programs, on average, improve persistence by 5.8 percentage points.

YET Half of advising programs don’t  MOVE THE NEEDLE AT ALL

They’re simply harder to manage in a way that measurably improve student outcomes.


Advising & Student Support Playbook

Learn more about evidence-based practices to help advising teams improve course success, persistence, and on-time completion.


What If You Could: 

  • Equip

    advising teams to work in a coordinated, collaborative, and efficient way

  • Provide

    a consistent source of truth across stakeholders, while also managing privacy concerns

  • Empower

    day-to-day advising decisions and actions that drive meaningful student outcomes

  • Understand

    the actual impact of your initiatives and if they’re aligned to the students and strategies you’ve prioritized

Your Holistic Advising Solution Should Provide:

Engagement Tools to Guide & Coach Students

Provide teams with the workflow, case management, and collaboration tools needed to fully grasp a student’s current situation.

Communicate more effectively, manage appointments, and make recommendations students can use to persist and succeed.

Working Harder vs. Working Smarter

Your team works hard. But there are only so many hours in a day. 

Money to hire more advisors isn’t exactly growing on trees. Your advisors deserve to know they’re helping the students who need them most, when they need them most. Capacity constraints are real. Simply working more hours or adding more staff isn’t always an option.

One person, team, or program can’t improve student outcomes in isolation… At least not sustainably.

When your teams work together, focus strategies, and make data-inspired decisions every day, the script changes. Your work becomes coordinated and students don’t slip through the cracks. 

Activity doesn’t equal impact.

Match their passion and experience with proactive recommendations for their entire caseload. They start each day with a clear view into what each student needs, ensuring each action impact. 

Use Our Holistic Advising Solution to:

Find efficiencies in everyday tasks

  • Equip your teams with the workflow and case management tools to easily complete everyday tasks
  • Use our seamless collaboration and communication capabilities to share information, raise alerts, and coordinate student care across advisors, faculty, and support staff

Utilize applied analytics to target support

  • Give your staff the ability to see and serve the students who don’t already seek out support
  • Identify the factors influencing student success so your staff has the the context to apply their professional experience and tailor guidance

Scale proactive engagement to improve outcomes

  • Relieve capacity challenges by giving your advising staff the ability to engage at the beginning of and throughout the term around specific factors influencing students’ likelihood to succeed
  • Personalize outreach with curated opportunities to support students based on your assessment of the greatest potential impact

Provide holistic care with the right context

  • Inform holistic support with a comprehensive view of students from course history, LMS engagement, advising notes, persistence predictions, and engagement opportunities
  • Collaborate through shared notes and close-loop alerts so students don’t get lost

The Outcomes You Want

Mykel Beorchia
Director of University Advising
Utah State University

“When our advisors leverage deeper intelligence and uncover new opportunities to connect with students, their job becomes remarkably easier. Insights from Inspire allow them to focus on the conversations and creative problem solving with students that make an impact on their success.”

Karen Miner
Director of Student Success Initiatives
Lone Star College

“Students are puzzles. It was like trying to put together a puzzle without the photo on the box. Inspire is like having the picture on the box. You can look and see where the holes are and where pieces fit. It’s game-changing.”