Persistence Management

Clear Insight. Confident Action. Successful Students.


Gain insight to the spectrum of risk that exists within your student population and take timely, precise action to impact student success.



of at-risk students who leave have a GPA of 3.0 or above



Source: *Civitas Learning Community Insights Report Volume 1, Issue 2, December 2016

“By unlocking the insightful information in our data, we were able to identify struggling students we weren’t previously aware of and get them the support they needed, ultimately lifting our persistence rate and getting us off of our 3 year performance plateau.”

Paul Dosal

VP of Student Affairs and Student Success, University of South Florida

Action Analytics to Improve Outcomes

Manage persistence across the student journey through precise actions, from nudge campaigns to policy changes, and target the right support to the right students at the right time to drive positive outcomes.

Efficient, Personalized Support at Scale

Student Success is not “one size fits all”, but individualizing support is a challenge. Better align support with need by understanding the factors influencing students’ likelihood to succeed at your institution.

Confident Action and Prioritization

With constrained budgets and limited resources, there’s no room for error. Precision in the intelligence driving your strategy means you can rest assured that you’re taking the right actions and properly allocating resources to support your students’ success.

Timely Nudging to Keep Students on the Path to Success

Waiting for “green” students to turn “red” before taking action may be too late. Listen to the signal in your data and provide timely support to keep students on track before they ever veer off.

Continuous Improvement to Avoid the Performance Plateau

Many institutions see initial success with new intervention strategies, but often find themselves hitting a wall within a few years. Understanding what’s working and for whom is critical to ensuring the ongoing improvement of your strategy, efficiency and impact.


Institution-specific Models, Student-level Predictions

Your student data tells a unique story. Get clear signal as to which students are at-risk and the factors influencing likelihood to succeed at your institution by unifying data from across the student life cycle.

Precise Insight Drives Confident Action

On the first day of the term, our predictive models capture an average of 82% of the students who will leave your institution so that you can take timely action to improve their outcome.

An Investment In Measurable Outcomes

You can’t afford to invest in the unproven. You need a solution that includes outcomes analysis so you can understand the impact of your actions and continuously improve efforts over me.

Improving Graduation and Retention

Explore USF’s innovative work to successfully raise retention and graduation rates with a case management model and Civitas Learning’s platform. Read about how they broke through a performance plateau and achieved 90 percent first-year retention and 70 percent six-year graduation rates. Once approved by the Board of Governors, this will earn them up to $15 million in performance-based funding.

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Precise Risk Identification & Student Segmentation

Insight to Powerful Predictors of Success and Risk at Your Institution

Tailored Nudging and Student Outreach

Access to Repository of Research-informed Nudges

Outreach Tracking and Performance Analytics


Learn How To Take Action

Continuous Learning & Improvement

Understand the impact of your actions so you can continuously refine efforts and ensure ongoing incremental gains.

We’ll measure the efficacy of your nudging campaigns and report the impact on persistence of each, including detail on student subpopulations, so you can know what’s working and for whom. Your Outcomes Consultant will provide recommendations for improvement and work with your institution to maximize impact.

Change Management Consulting

Advancing the analytics maturity of your institution means making analytics central to accomplishing the larger institutional mission. For many institutions that means change, and change is hard…

Different institutions, units, and individuals respond differently to change, but with the right structures, communications, and processes, this kind of evolution becomes the enabling engine for continuous improvement.