Persistence Management

Improve retention by understanding and engaging with students at the right time in the right way.


Higher ed leaders are facing daunting new challenges around student success:

Nearly 2 million students who begin college each year will drop out before earning a diploma.

  • Over the past decade, graduation rates have hovered around 60% and first year persistence has averaged 70% for full time students.
  • At the same time, funding available to support each of these students has declined almost 25%.
  • No one is convinced there’s a way to “solve” any of this.

Those same higher ed leaders are responding in a number of ways:

Implementing “best practices” in student services without knowing their effect.

  • Using “early alert” analytics to identify and send impersonal messages to students with low GPAs or declining attendance.
  • Sending mass, impersonal communications to all students in an effort to broadly engage.
  • Relying and acting on predictive analytics that are only very lightly grounded in their student data.


Every interaction a student has with an institution tells a story about their past, present, and future. Less engagement in a learning management system, declining grades, infrequent involvement in student services… These are all invaluable pieces of a larger picture.

But when data is siloed, inconsistent, and spread across multiple systems, it’s hard to know what means what… And what you could take action on. Higher ed needs a solution that unifies these disparate data, providing sound analytics and opportunities to personally engage with students that could use additional support.


With Illume, Civitas Learning’s persistence management solution, your institution can manage the student journey with pinpoint accuracy: confidently identifying students in need, and taking precise, data-informed action.

Precise Insight through Institution-specific Models

Get clear signal as to which students are at-risk and the factors influencing likelihood to succeed at your institution by unifying data from across the student life cycle. On the first day of the term, our predictive models capture an average of 82% of the students who will leave your institution so that you can quickly take action to improve their outcome. This predictive model gets more and more powerful over time.

Timely Nudging to Keep Students on the Path to Success

Waiting for “green” students to turn “red” before taking action may be too late. Listen to the signal in your data and provide timely support to keep students on track before they ever veer off.

Efficient, Personalized Support at Scale

Student Success is never a “one size fits all”. With so many students to serve, individualizing support is as challenging as it is complex. With Illume, you’ll better align support with need because you’ll understand the factors influencing students’ likelihood to succeed at your institution, as well as how to address those factors as directly as possible.

Connected Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Amplify targeted student success outreach and maximize the impact you have on student retention by connecting Illume intelligence to your existing CRM, your Civitas-powered student mobile platform, or your Civitas-powered advising solution, Inspire.



“By unlocking the insightful information in our data, we were able to identify struggling students we weren’t previously aware of and get them the support they needed, ultimately lifting our persistence rate and getting us off of our 3 year performance plateau.”

Paul Dosal
VP of Student Affairs & Student Success
University of South Florida

“Getting these completers through earns us success points and funding, but the most important value is with the individual student. Seeing that the nudge campaign changed that life, that’s what it all comes down to.”

Rito Silva
Vice President of Student Affairs
Del Mar College


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