Applied Practice: Organize Your Team to Deliver Proactive Student Support at Scale

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This interactive discussion shares approaches for using student data and designing workflows to create capacity while reaching the students who need it most. We also share how some institutions have applied this framework using the Civitas Learnings Student Impact Platform to improve student outcomes.

You’ll leave the webinar equipped to:

  • Organize your outreach efforts based on immediate student need
  • Communicate with students in ways that resonate
  • Diversify your meetings to boost student engagement
  • Have more meaningful interactions with holistic context
  • Provide ongoing support at scale

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Gina Chase, M.S.
Director of Customer Development

Gina partners with institutions to implement proactive support strategies. She pulls from her 16-year career in higher education using her experience leading advising redesigns, Guided Pathways reform, SEM plan development, and student success technology initiatives.

Katie Hochenberger
Director of Customer Development

Katie brings 15 years of experience in higher education, including roles within Academic Advising, Student Success, Instruction, Enrollment Management, and Success Coaching. She is currently completing her Doctorate in Education from North Carolina State University, where her current research includes advising student veterans at the community college.

Rob Freidhoff
Vice President of Community Development

Rob has extensive experience in higher education as an academic advisor, advising administrator, Strategic Enrollment Manager, educational consultant focused on improving advising practices, and Associate Vice President for Student Success.

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