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In keeping with our promise to build a community that is learning together, we are pleased to share these reports and white papers. Check back for additional research, and explore the Civitas Learning Space for additional opportunities to learn from our community.

volume 1 issue 2


Community Insights – Volume 1, Issue 2

We are pleased to announce our second issue of Community Insights, covering an expanded set of emerging trends and benchmarks across 4 million student records. Download Issue 2 to learn what types of LMS activities are most predictive, explore the trend of high GPA departures and see what we found about high school performance vs. SAT/ACT scores for predicting student success.


What is the role of big data & learning analytics in higher education assessment?

Research & Practice in Assessment   |   RPA Journal

Civitas Learning Chief Learning Officer and Co-Founder Mark David Milliron collaborated with Vice President of Product Laura Malcolm and Chief Data Scientist David Kil to contribute to this article in the RPA Journal that looks at three case studies.



What Every Leader Needs to Know About Student Success Analytics

In this white paper, Civitas Learning’s Senior Fellow Linda Baer joins colleague Don Norris to explore what it means to lead in the age of analytics. The authors explored student success initiatives across the U.S. and found that some institutions are making good use of the plethora of data stored by institutions, but the gap is widening between those out in front in analytics-informed student success and their peer institutions.


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