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///////// Virtual Series: The Age of Action 

This year has tested the leadership, ingenuity and perseverance of us all.

With the expectation of more change, institutional leaders and teams need the ability to take action to support their students now, but also have the flexibility to handle whatever might come next. Institutions need the ability to take action – the right action – to future-proof their student support strategies. But where do you start? And how do you know you’re investing time, budget and resources in the right direction?

In June, we brought institutional leaders together to discuss prioritizing and leading in uncertain times.

Since then, those institutions have done the work to implement real plans that have significantly improved their ability to build continuity and support their students, regardless of fluid circumstances.

In the next installment of the Virtual Leadership Summit Series, we’ll bring together these and other leaders to continue the conversation.

Join us from October 12–16 to discuss realistic strategies for removing systemic barriers to equitable outcomes and how to ensure sustainability and continuity of student support for now and the future.

///////// The Agenda 

October 12
11:30AM CT

Learning Together:
Student Success Lessons and Strategies from Across Your Community

Access a series of pre-recorded 8-minute presentations by institutional leaders who candidly share details on their work to improve student success.


October 13
11:30AM CT

Removing Systemic Barriers and Closing Achievement Gaps:
New Perspectives and Opportunities to Improve Equity

Higher education, at its core, should open both minds to knowledge and doors to opportunity. Yet today, perhaps more than ever, it is imperative that we collectively look closer at our classrooms, programs, and services to ensure we’re not subconsciously reinforcing bias or perpetuating inequities. We can – and we must – remove the barriers that limit student success.

But, it’s not always obvious to know where or how to start the critical work to address disparities:

  • What does it mean to prioritize equity for your institution?
  • How do you organize and approach this challenge in a way that will lead to real change?
  • What will it take to accomplish this for your current and future students?

Join this panel for a look at new Community Insights on opportunities to improve equity and a meaningful conversation about the work we must do today to ensure a more inclusive, equitable space for the students we serve.


October 14
11:30AM CT

Building A Student-Ready, Future-Proof Institution:
What Leaders are Doing to Ensure Continuity During Turbulent Times

As the impact of COVID-19’s wake continues, higher ed is faced with compounding challenges. This is only amplified by calls for social justice, persistent natural disasters, and a tumultuous political landscape. The ripple effects are significant, and leaders across the globe are navigating difficult decisions regarding budget cuts, reductions in staff, and potentially, reductions in services.

These decisions have real implications for your people, students, and the stability of your institution:

  • How do you ensure academic continuity and continued care for your students?
  • How do you support your team?
  • How can you create a sustainable model for the future?

Join your peers and industry experts for a discussion about how higher ed can build an economic engine to support your mission and the financial longevity of your institution.


October 15
11:30AM CT

Learning Together Q&A:
Dive Deeper on Work and Outcomes from Across Your Community

Connect directly with your peers to learn more about what they’re doing and what they’ve learned along the way.


October 16
11:30AM CT

Scaling The Civitas:
Our Roadmap to Support Higher Ed’s Most Pressing Challenges

Join Civitas Learning leaders for an in-depth session on what we’ve prioritized, what we’ve built, and where our platform is headed. We’ll share our technology roadmap and plan for continued innovation to support higher ed’s most pressing challenges.

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