Close Student Success Gaps with a Data-Activated Student Impact Strategy

Closing Gaps in Student Outcomes with a Data-Activated Student Impact Strategy

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The Student Success Impact Gap

Higher education is rapidly evolving. Colleges and universities face serious challenges to their traditional way of doing business, such as a decline in the perceived value of higher education, a shrinking number of high school graduates, a diversifying student population, more alternatives to postsecondary education, and shifting labor market demands. These challenges led to enrollment declines, stagnating persistence and completion, increasing financial instability, and even closure.

Transformational leaders, like you, are continually managing through uncertainty and adapting operating models to guide your college or university to a new future and influence the success of generations of students. Under these circumstances, operating a successful and sustainable institution requires confidently answering urgent, strategic questions as they arise. You need a data infrastructure that not only helps ease workflow constraints but also provides real-time, institution-specific information about what your individual students and student groups need. 

You require comprehensive information to confidently answer essential questions that drive student and institutional success like:

  • Which individual students are at risk right now? How can we help them this term?
  • How can we eliminate barriers to equitable student success? 
  • What programs are most effective at helping our students? 
  • Where should we invest resources to drive positive student outcomes? 

The inability to accurately answer these questions and keep up with the rate of change makes it difficult to effectively respond to student needs in time. The result? A growing disconnection between the desired student outcomes your institution needs to achieve your mission and stay viable and the results you can actually achieve – a Student Impact Gap.    

Building a Student Success Model that Supports Students and Generates Revenue

Build student success models that drive positive student outcomes and generate revenue with data analytics and student success software.
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Closing the Student Impact Gap

Successfully closing this gap isn’t about adding one more student success initiative. It’s about unifying teams and initiatives across campus to achieve the common goal of improving student success. It’s about guiding every decision you make with new intelligence to optimize what you’re already doing. It’s about offering scalable, individualized support that meets the unique needs of each student. 

Our partners develop data-activated student impact strategies that not only predict potential risk for every individual student, but describe the indicators of success, diagnose the underlying causes, and prescribe precise interventions that work this term and in the future. Using market-leading technology and collaborating with a community of experts, higher ed leaders implement these strategies based on key guiding principles to build student success models that support students and generate the revenue needed to build sustainable institutions.

Develop a Data-Activated Student Impact Strategy with Civitas Learning

Civitas Learning partners use these guiding principles to build sustainable student success models using data-activated student impact strategies that support student success. The Civitas Learning Student Impact Platform provides your institution with the specific technology infrastructure and partnership needed to close the Student Success Impact Gap. The Student Impact Platform unlocks demographic, behavior, sentiment, and efficacy data to create a single source of truth for collaborating across academic, enrollment, and student services teams. We create real-time visibility within a flexible, unified platform to empower and equip administrators, advisors, and faculty to make the highest and best use of their time when supporting student success.

The Civitas Learning Student Impact Platform
The Student Impact Platform unlocks demographic, behavior, sentiment, and efficacy data to create a single source of truth for collaborating across academic, enrollment, and student services teams.

The Student Impact Platform empowers institutions to:

1. Know Everything That Matters for Your Students

Only Civitas Learning can bring all your institutional data together to understand each student and situation better. The platform incorporates academic, behavioral, engagement, financial, and sentiment data to go beyond simple demographic information so your team can know the whole student story. Our platform unlocks data from various sources, including SIS, LMS, CRM, card swipe systems, and more, to create a single source of truth that enables your team to find patterns. The ability to access curated descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics in one place allows coordinated action across academic, enrollment, and student services teams. With complete data, you can see and understand the efficacy of every policy, program, and initiative and double down on strategies that work. As your institution grows, you can easily add new data sources and build new use cases to meet ever-changing demands. 

2. Go Beyond Averages with Student and Institution Specific Data

With Civitas Learning, you can shape student journeys uniquely tailored to each student and designed to help students stay on course. With more than 2,500 data derivatives automatically generated by the platform, such as GPA trends, relative participation levels, discussion board activities, and more, you gain a deeper insight into each student’s unique situation. Access to real-time student and institution-specific data reveals factors most likely to influence a student’s success at your institution. Combined with accurate predictions and rigorous initiative analysis, you can finally understand the true impact of initiatives for specific types of students and hone in on which ones need immediate support. With the precise knowledge at hand, administrators and advisors can know which levers to pull to influence student success and prescribe specific guidance for maximum impact.

3. Continually Refine Strategy to Impact Student Success Every Day

Only Civitas Learning provides a unified platform with actionable insights and workflow tools to enable your team to implement precise student success strategies this term for immediate impact. Nightly data updates mean your team of advisors, faculty, and staff can collaborate on the most up-to-date data to spot trends quickly, check in with students, and course-correct without delay. With Civitas, you can build on what you already know and adapt new processes and practices with predictive and prescriptive analytics to gain even higher levels of success. Optimize resources, discover new strategies, and precisely know which programs and initiatives boost impact, generate a high ROI, and drive long-term institutional success by extending data analytics beyond academics to additional use cases across departments.

Ready to Impact Student Success Every Day?

Closing the student impact gap in a way that both drives positive student outcomes and builds sustainable colleges and universities requires access to a single source of actionable insights and tools that allow your team to take coordinated, precise action. A once-in-a-generation moment is upon us, where the future success of higher education institutions cannot be built on the success of the past. Success now necessitates a shift from averages and best guesses to data-activated student success practices that meet the evolving needs of students when they need it most. 

Civitas Learning empowers institutions to achieve unprecedented levels of student success and reshape higher education for decades to come. Our platform brings institutional data together for a clearer picture of each student and situation, equipping institutions to lead with a new purpose and take data-driven action to impact student success.

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