What's new in the Civitas Learning platform April 2023

What’s New in the Civitas Learning Platform: April 2023


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The vision of the Civitas Learning Student Impact Platform is to drive equitable, optimal student outcomes through better decision-making and collaborative student support systems. In 2023, that means our roadmap is focused on three things:  

  1. Empowering you to organize strategies around data
  2. Making it even easier for institutional leaders to turn data into action
  3. Streamlining experiences for you and your students

Here’s a look at some of the latest updates we’re working on:

Empowering You to Organize Strategies Around Data

On-Demand Learning allows teams to learn and review tactical and strategic application of the Civitas Learning platform.

In 2022, we launched an all-new, on-demand learning experience, which allows your team to visit and revisit learning content as needed. Leaders can oversee the review of these instructional materials and identify where additional support is needed for their teams using quiz questions and progress checks. 

This year, we’re investing in several new modules which lay out the strategic application of the Civitas Learning platform. This is an expansion of the “click-here” learning style already robustly covered in the platform. By discussing the intended outcome and walking you through the steps customers like you have taken to get there, we’re continuing to augment the strategic application of your solution.

Making It Even Easier for Institutional Leaders to Turn Data into Action

We have two exciting ways to help you turn data into action:

 1. Course Demand Early Access Program

Refine course planning and forecasting with Civitas Learning’s course demand tools.

We’re launching an early access program for our course demand solution. This program allows innovative customers to work with Civitas Learning to refine our course planning and forecasting tool. 

This means that leaders can have access to section demand insights to help answer questions like: 

  • What courses am I overprovisioning? Underprovisioning?
  • Should these courses be online? In-person? Hybrid? 
  • What should I take into consideration in terms of class timing/scheduling?

(Interested in participating in the early adopter program? Contact us to learn more.)

2. Actionable Advisor Dashboard is Now Available

Eased Workflow with a Actionable Advisor Dashboard
Actionable advisor insights dashboard includes student group quick links, student communication history, an action-oriented dashboard, and an easier early alert workflow.

After great feedback and usage reviews from beta customers,  we’re also rolling out the highly anticipated advisor dashboard. This dashboard will allow advisors to take quick action from insights surfaced directly on their home page, including engaging (directly) with students with holds, students who haven’t had contact, specific/focus student groups, and more.

(Interested in participating in the early adopter program? Contact us to learn more.)

Streamlining the Student Experience

An ongoing focus for 2023 is an investment in user experience improvements to encourage easy, seamless interaction between students and advising and student services staff. Already underway are several appointment and calendaring improvements made at the request of student users. (We love our student users!) These will make it easier than ever for students to engage meaningfully with their advisors. 

Even when those students aren’t ready or able to meet with advisors, it’s essential that they have the insights they need to graduate on time. That’s why we’re continuing to enhance the kinds of insights available to students in their plans. These include: 

  • More insights on what’s in progress, what’s not helping them progress, etc. 
  • An optimized experience for students who don’t yet have a plan 
  • Better ways for students to understand what it might mean to change their major

Using Data to Improve Student Outcomes

Civitas Learning’s platform roadmap focuses on helping you use data to improve student outcomes. With new strategic modules, advisor dashboards, scheduling improvements, and more, Civitas Learning is making it easier than ever for your team to turn insights into action.

Have questions or want to discuss how we can support your work to improve student success? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Rebecca Reid, Vice President of Product

As head of our product team, Rebecca is responsible for planning, creating, and implementing the overall product strategy for our technology. She’s also played key roles in strengthening partnerships and marketing our products.

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