We’re Listening, Learning, and Taking Action.

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Black lives matter.

It’s imperative that we say this. But words and statements are not enough. During the past week, we stopped to listen, learn, and take action. We pledge to do radically better.

We are committed to meaningful change – in our company culture, higher education, and in our broader community. For Civitas Learning, this means we will:

  • Ensure Our Employees Are Heard and Respected
    We will encourage candid, open discussions to create a more equitable and collaborative team. We also fully support our employees who are compelled to join acts of solidarity or marches–or when needed–rest because of the weight of their pain.
  • Unapologetically Reform Internal Practices
    We will conduct training for our leaders and managers to better understand privilege and overcome unconscious bias. We will address our recruiting, hiring and promotion practices to ensure greater diversity, equity and inclusion. It’s time for us to set a higher bar.
  • Support Our Customer Community
    We will actively support and work with the colleges and universities that we serve, especially Historically Black Colleges and Universities, in the critical work to dismantle systemic racism and improve equity.
  • Increase Diversity in Positions of Leadership
    We will work to ensure that those who advise and guide our company are representative of the diversity that exists within our student communities and nation. Immediately, we are increasing the diversity of our National Advisory Board so that we better understand what it takes to support minority and historically disenfranchised student populations in higher education.

We acknowledge our individual and collective responsibility to be a catalyst for greater equity, inclusion, and opportunity in our nation.

Our company was founded to ensure students have both the tools and opportunity to reach their full potential. That mission matters more now than ever before.

We make these commitments today because racism and bias have no place in our world, communities, hallways or classrooms.

We’re listening, learning, and taking action. We stand with the Black community.


Chris Hester