Enjoy these Short & Informative Webinars

We are happy to share learnings in upcoming and archived sessions that span a range of topics around analytics work to improve student outcomes.

Pathways Series

Webinar #1: Simplifying The Application-to-Registration Experience



  • Melissa Curtis , Associate VP of Enrollment Management
  • Lori McNabb , Sr. Partner Success Consultant, Civitas Learning

Date offered: June 28, 2017
Topic Tags: Pathways | Enrollment | Registration | Degree Planning | Advising

Austin Community College began their Pathways work by rebuilding the doorway into the institution. Speakers will explain how they rolled out a redesign of their enrollment process—from application to registration. They’ll discuss the important role of collaboration with faculty and advisors, and how they integrated Degree Map to give students agency to encourage degree planning conversations from the beginning of the first semester.

Maximizing the Power of Predictions Across the Student Support Ecosystem


This webinar explores considerations and strategies for making data actionable. Listen to a discussion around increasing effective collaboration across the student support network including an examination of technology, people and process.


  • Jason Belland , Director, Higher Ed Industry Solutions, Salesforce.org
  • Matthew Milliron , Senior Architect, Solutions Engineering, Civitas Learning

Date offered: March 2017
Topic Tags: Student Success Platform | Advising | Outreach | Analytics

Community Insights, Issue 2

New Research



  • Mark Milliron , Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, Civitas Learning
  • Laura Malcolm , Senior Vice President for Outcomes & Strategy, Civitas Learning

Date offered: Jan 2017
Topic Tags: High GPA Departures, LMS Engagement

Join us as we dive into the findings from our analysis of 4 million student records from across our community of partner institutions. The Community Insights Report reveals meaningful student success trends that illuminate new opportunities to drive improvement, often dispelling conventional wisdom and best practices.

Listen as we explore important revelations about the types of LMS activities that are predictive, the continuing trend of high-achieving students leaving our institutions, and the growing body of research around college admissions tests and high school performance.

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Reaching the Right Students with the Right Outreach


Angela Baldasare from The University of Arizona and Paul Dosal from The University of South Florida share strategies and success stories for using Illume and its Students Lists feature.

They will tell you how to uncover insights about why students are at risk, identify who those students are, and design outreach that is tailored specifically to help those students tackle obstacles and get back on the path to success.

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  • Angela Baldasare , Assistant Provost for Institutional Research, University of Arizona
  • Paul Dosal , Vice Provost for Student Success, University of South Florida
  • Eric McIntosh, Strategic Partnerships Advisor, Civitas Learning

Date offered: May 20, 2016
Topic Tags: Illume Students, Student Success, Student Lists

Incremental Gains to Increase Retention



  • Angela Baldasare , Assistant Provost for Institutional Research, University of Arizona
  • Melissa Vito , Senior Vice President for Student Affairs Enrollment Management and Senior Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives & Student, The University of Arizona
  • Eric McIntosh, Strategic Partnerships Advisor, Civitas Learning

Date offered: May 2015
Topic Tags: Illume Students, Retention, High GPAs Leaving

Using Illume Students, The University of Arizona (The UA) discovered that a group of 660 female, non-resident students with GPAs between 2.4-3.0 were one of their most at-risk student populations.

Because of their higher GPA they were not part of previous alert triggers. See how they dove into the data to find this group of high achieving students and the outreach they are taking to retain them.

Building A Data-Driven Culture


Jacksonville State University and members of Civitas Learning’s Consulting Team joined to discuss the importance of transformative leadership and collaborative action in moving institutional teams from a ‘culture of blame’ to a culture of ‘wonder’ in the journey to achieve student success.

Listen as they share ideas about empowering cross-functional teams and creating a sense of data ownership across the institution.


  • Alicia Simmons , Vice President, Research, Planning and Collaboration, Jacksonville State University
  • Linda Baer , Senior Fellow, Civitas Learning
  • Rob Robinson, Strategic Partnerships Advisor, Civitas Learning

Date offered: April 2015
Topic Tags: Change Management, DIAL Working Group

Unifying Data Systems & Sources



  • Matthew Milliron , Senior Architect, Civitas Learning
  • Tom Warmbrodt , Former Chief Architect, Civitas Learning

Date offered: Sept 2014
Topic Tags: Implementation, Platform

IT organizations are getting stretched beyond their capacity as they try to meet the growing expectations of institutional teams that need technology to make data-informed decisions to improve student success.

The Civitas Learning Solutions Engineering team discusses how disparate systems and data sources can be brought together to enable institutions to see their students in a holistic way.

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