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“We can go into Illume to explore the Powerful Predictors for any particular segment. I use Illume as many as five times a day looking for opportunities to improve our impact with key student segments.”

Michael Chavez Vice President Student Success Lone Star College

“In the case of a longitudinal look at who was leaving our institution, we’ve gone from discovering insights in 6 months to 6 minutes. We found 45% of our non-persisters have 3.0 GPA or higher!”

Colleen Carmean Assistant Chancellor for Academic Technologies & Institutional Research

“Real-time data allows you to see trends and nuances in a way you can’t with flat outcomes data. It makes it more actionable. If we’re going to move the needle on success we have to work with real-time data.”

Jesse Coraggio Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

“Students are puzzles. You can’t try to put a puzzle together without the photo on the box. Inspire is like having the picture on the box. It’s game changing.”

Karen Miner Director of Student Success Initiatives Lone Star College

“Experts across the country said you can’t improve student success without diminishing diversity, and we proved them wrong.”

Ralph Wilcox Provost University of South Florida

“What amazes me is the predictive value
 of the relationship between the color schemes in Inspire for Faculty and the final letter grade in my courses.”

Michael Curran Professor Strayer University

“The first time I came to my advisors to talk about college, we just weren’t sure what was going to happen in the future, or how long it would take. Now we have it all mapped out.”

Jesse Student Austin Community College

“We looked at how student engagement changed over the term, and got faculty excited about driving that up.”

Joe Schaefer Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Strayer University

“Illume is enabling finer-grained segmentation of our students, to identify smaller cohorts that we may never have been able to see otherwise. This makes it possible for our interventions to be highly targeted.”

Hank Childers University of Arizona The University of Arizona

“We’ve been at the forefront of using data to guide student success innovation for some time. Joining this growing community of tough-minded analytics innovators was the natural next step, and we’re excited to share with and learn from our partner institutions.”

Steve Johnson President Sinclair Community College

“Our goal in partnering with Civitas Learning is not to add another project, but to leverage advanced analytics to inform and power the student success work our team is already deeply committed to today – and maybe borrowing some good ideas from our fellow Pioneer Partners for tomorrow.”

Karen Stout President Montgomery County Community College

“I’ve always been interested in helping individuals maximize their potential. Improved advising allows me to have more meaningful conversations rather than surface, process conversations.”

Dorado Kinney Dean of Student Services Austin Community College

“Leveraging analytics differently meant thinking beyond existing approaches to generating reports. We continue to challenge ourselves to think more broadly about our data and what we want to include in our analysis of our students.”

Michele Norin Chief Information Officer The University of Arizona

“ACC wants to help students plan beyond one semester, so they can see their own pathway to degree completion.”

Virginia Fraire Austin Community College

“Our Degree Map project shows that when students have more clarity and control of their degree path, they’re significantly more likely to make progress on their learning path and, best of all, cross the finish line and complete a certificate or degree. These are the kinds of outcomes all of our student success innovations are shooting for!”

Richard Rhodes President and CEO Austin Community College