Holistic Advising

Equip advisors and educators to take action on proven engagement opportunities, freeing up space for coaching and creative problem-solving that increases student persistence.


of students feel most confident about their academic decisions after consulting with an advisor.

*Soon-to-be-released student engagement study, The Center for Generational Kinetics & Civitas Learning, May 2018

“With Inspire, our advisors have more time to have deeper conversations with their students. They’re able to focus on proven opportunities that impact students’ persistence and proactively manage their outreach and advising efforts throughout the term.”

Kellie Ziemak
Student Services Project Coordinator
St. Petersburg College

Students want help navigating the logistical processes and academic choices throughout their higher education journey. Advisors and educators want to discuss goals and coach students towards success in that process, but often don’t have space to be more strategic with their students.

Institutions have seen the power of student-centric intelligence in the hands of those who can take action. When provided clear guidance on specific opportunities that can increase a student’s success, advisors and educators have been able to methodically improve their students’–and their institution’s–persistence rate. With actionable intelligence that update nightly, you can take action throughout the term making continuous, incremental gains in a way that ambiguous alerts or classic workflow tools alone can not support.

Intelligence and Collaboration in One Application

Equip advisors and educators with data-informed opportunities to proactively manage changing student needs and free up space for creative problem solving with more students.

  • Predictive Engagement Opportunities to Amplify Impact:
    Focus advising effort on actionable circumstances that are predictive of a student’s likelihood to persist and have a higher impact on student success outcomes.
  • Confident Action and Prioritization:
    Use contextualized information and easy-to-use engagement tools so advisors can concentrate time on applying their expertise instead of spending time making sense of disparate data.
  • Build Student Rapport with Robust Engagement Tools:
    Engage students through flexible communication tools that enhance one on one interaction and help personalize support across caseloads and specific student groups.
  • Cross-campus Collaboration for Holistic Support:
    Collaborate and coordinate around students to address issues and amplify their achievements with shared notes and a closed feedback loop.
  • Direct Access to Learnings Across Institutions:
    Benefit from shared knowledge across 23M+ student records, impact analyses and evolving data science that is tailored to your institution and surfaced to your advisors.

How It Works

Predictive Factors for Success

Your student data tells a unique story. Get clear signal as to which circumstances are  influencing likelihood of students to succeed at your institution by unifying data from across the student life cycle and from engagement activity.

Collaboration Tools that Bridge Institutional Silos

A shared platform for communication and  consistent, contextualized data provides a more complete picture of students for more personalized and timely interactions between advisors, faculty and students.

An Investment in Measurable Outcomes

You can’t afford to invest in the unproven. You need a solution that includes the ability to measure impact so you can inform advising strategies and continuously enhance efforts as students needs change and institutional strategies evolve.

Solution Capabilities

Actionable intelligence with predictive engagement opportunities

Caseload management and student group creation

Bi-directional calendaring and event scheduling

Nudging and student outreach

Comprehensive student profile and context

Shared advising notes and early alert faculty engagement

Resource and document sharing

Configurable roles and permissions

Reporting visibility into activity per student group



Success Planning to Get You to Value

Implementing technology does not guarantee successful outcomes. Through collaboration between your dedicated Civitas Learning partner services team and your institutional project team, we tailor success planning and technical deployment for your institution.

We facilitate a successful roll-out, align the technology to support your advising approach, and enable the team to adopt the tools to accelerate time to value for your institution and students.

Services for our holistic advising solution include training sessions, on-demand access to in-app help / templates, suggested conversation guides, and supporting collateral so advisors and faculty have an easy starting point to make the most of their tools.