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The “Recruit To Retain” Mission

Learn how the UA merged its Institutional Research (IR) and Business Intelligence (BI) groups in order to increase the speed and availability of all kinds of information across the institution to achieve goals around retention.

Building Capacity For Analytics

Learn how the UA launched an effort to replace their institutional business systems and revamp their data warehouse. This project resulted not only in a new environment with new tools and processes, but also new thoughts around using data to drive decision-making.

Andrew Comrie“In an increasingly digital world we’ve gotten used to having information at our fingertips. But while that exists in some spheres of life, that kind of immediacy doesn’t yet exist – not at scale – to run an institution and measurably change student lives. One of the most exciting things about Civitas Learning for us is the ability to personalize at scale, so that we can put care back into what we do.” – Andrew C. Comrie

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