UMUC Case Study

From Insight to Action: Using Predictive Analytics To Impact Student Outcomes

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Executive Summary

As a leader in higher education focused on the unique needs of adult learners, University of Maryland University College (UMUC) has long been a pioneer in the area of learning analytics. Working from this foundation of continued innovation, leaders at UMUC became intrigued by the potential for advanced analytics to better understand student risk, the variables that contribute most to student success, and, most importantly, how to make such insights actionable to improve student outcomes.

Program Background

Leveraging the Civitas Learning™ predictive analytics platform and Inspire applications for administrators and advisors, UMUC ran a pilot program to test the efficacy of using predictive analytics-based interventions to improve successful course completion rate.

Over the course of three terms starting in Spring 2013, UMUC and Civitas Learning built predictive models, tested different approaches to intervention, and evaluated outcomes in detail.

Key Results

During the Fall 2013 term, across an experimental pool of approximately 10,000 undergraduate enrollments randomly assigned to test and control, UMUC’s test group using the Inspire™ application outperformed the control group in successful course completion by nearly 3 percentage points (287 basis points), which translates to 150 students who passed courses they otherwise would have failed. These overall results, statistically significant at a 99.8% confidence level, were observed consistently for each session of the term.

marie cini umuc case study“We can leverage the power of analytics to answer questions to solve problems and plot strategies that will yield truly tangible results in the classroom, in the lives of our students, and in the communities in which they live and work,” said President Miyares.”