Leading Universities and Colleges Drive Large-Scale Improvements in Student Success through Analytics

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AUSTIN, TEX. –April 6, 2018— Student success pioneer Civitas Learning announced, today, at its seventh annual partner “Summit” convening, that its community of practice now includes over 350 institutions, serving more than 8 million students worldwide and 40 percent of U.S. higher education.

Civitas Learning helps colleges and universities improve student persistence and outcomes by leveraging data science to enhance decision making, personalize support, scale meaningful action, and measure impact. In the past year alone nearly two-million students used Civitas Learning apps to create and optimize course schedules aligned to degree requirements. College and university leaders also used the platform to measure the impact and efficacy of more than 560 unique student success initiatives. New Civitas partners are deploying and leveraging the platform within 100 days of data access — far outpacing the average 21 months it takes to roll out most enterprise software initiatives.

“Advisors, coaches, counselors, resident assistants, career counselors, financial aid planners, and staff on the frontlines of higher education need timely, precise student insights to support students in a more meaningful way. This has been critical to our ability to promote persistence and completion, eliminate achievement gaps, and help more students achieve their full potential.” said Dr. Paul Dosal, Vice President for Student Affairs & Student Success at the University of South Florida. “Our partnership with Civitas Learning has empowered the USF care team to significantly improve institutional performance, unlock access to new state funding, and demonstrate that all, regardless of race, ethnicity, and income, will succeed when given the opportunity to do so.”

Civitas Learning technology is used daily by advisors, staff and faculty, to inform student communication and coaching, as well as by students themselves, who are using Civitas apps to create customized course schedules and to plan degree paths aligned with career objectives. Institutions have reported a 50% increase in advising appointment efficiency, increasing bandwidth for more meaningful student interactions. Civitas Learning’s work with colleges and universities across the country continues to be recognized by the community, including a recent award by PeopleSoft users.

At the 7th annual Summit near its Austin headquarters, Civitas Learning welcomed nearly 300 educators, advisors and administrators, plus new partners reflecting a cross-section of public, private, two- and four-year institutions, including Indiana University, UC-Riverside and Long Beach Community College. Keynote speakers at this year’s Summit include Jeff Selingo, a best-selling author and Washington Post columnist, and Temple University Professor of Higher Education Policy & Sociology Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab, a leading college affordability activist and scholar whose work focuses on barriers such as food, housing and income insecurity that many of today’s students face.

“Seven years ago, we set out on a mission to help a million more students each year learn well and finish strong on their education journeys, and we are seeing–especially here at this summit!–exciting progress toward that ambitious goal.” said Charles Thornburgh, Founder and CEO of Civitas Learning. “Our partners are fundamentally changing the way data are used to better understand and inspire student success.”

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