Institutions Achieve Double-Digit Increase in Student Outcomes with Civitas Learning’s Personalized Pathway Solution

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AUSTIN, TEX. (May 19, 2017) — Civitas Learning® today announced results from personalized pathway work with leading colleges, which have seen significant, positive impact in their student success initiatives. Rooted in findings from their work during the last five years, students from more than 300 colleges and universities are better able to choose, navigate, and finish strong on a productive pathways to completion.

Austin Community College (ACC), one of the first institutions to deploy Degree Map — a component of the personalized pathway solution — generated a 11.1 percentage point increase in persistence using the technology, which resulted in approximately $1.2M in retained revenue for ACC in just one term. The improvement was even greater for their most at-risk populations (18.5%pp). Within 60 days of making it available to its advising personnel, more than 90 percent of ACC’s advisors had used Degree Map and students submitted more than 15,000 degree plans. The institution credits the resulting improvement in student pathway progress with the success of over 1,300 additional students who persisted to the next semester and are now on track to graduate, based on analysis of more than 10,000 student journeys.

“Finding the right pathway depends on a complex series of critical decisions, but students rarely have easy access to personnel — or data — to inform their choices,” said Dr. Virginia Fraire, Vice President of Student Services at Austin Community College. “Through our partnership with Civitas Learning, we’ve been able to offer planning tools with powerful, analytic insights to advisors and students, helping them easily map the most efficient pathway to a credential.”

Schedule Planner, another component of Civitas Learning’s personalized pathway solution, helps students fit needed courses into often complicated lives using class-schedule optimization and simplified-registration tools. The app was used by nearly one million unique students in April 2017 alone.  Recent data indicates that Schedule Planner is generating an average overall lift in persistence of 3.25%pp for deployed two- and four-year institutions. El Paso Community College, for example, reported a 4.8%pp lift or higher in persistence among students who used Schedule Planner.

“No two students are the same. Through our work with Civitas Learning, we’ve not only uncovered insights but also taken an integrated approach to deploying tools to meet students where they are today, and empower them to make better, data-informed pathway decisions,” said Dr. William Serrata, President of El Paso Community College. “By bringing data to the front lines of decision-making, advisors and students are able to work together to eliminate the logistical roadblocks and identify pathways with the highest probability of success.”

Civitas Learning’s personalized pathways solution leverages a unified data platform that provides institution-specific insights to help drive and scale student outcomes. As part of the on-going solution enhancements, Civitas Learning is now able to launch the student-facing personalized pathway solution within 60 days from data access for target systems.

“We started Civitas Learning to solve pressing challenges for our institutional partners — and produce consistent outcomes at scale,” said Charles Thornburgh, Civitas Learning founder and chief executive officer. “Thanks to our dedicated early institutional partners and a talented team, we’ve built a scalable, flexible platform and intelligence-driven solutions that our college and university partners can readily adopt and quickly convert into better outcomes for students. We’re especially proud that students at our partner institutions are making more informed decisions throughout their educational journey – from courses to career – which are helping them stay on track to successful completion.”


About Civitas Learning®: Civitas Learning is the Student Success Platform for higher education. Our Student Insights Engine™ powers initiatives that dramatically improve student success.

Data tell us every day how students are doing and what they need most. Are you listening to their story? Our Student Success Platform leverages the most statistically rigorous technology in the market today to provide a clear view of the current and future state of your institution and students. Faculty, administrators and students are empowered to act with confidence and make the most of their time, energy and investment for the greatest good.

Today, our community includes approximately 300 institutions reaching more than 7 million students worldwide. One in three students in U.S. higher ed are enrolled at institutions we serve. Together, we are working to help millions of more students learn well, finish strong, and go on to brighter futures and better careers. For more information, visit:

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