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AUSTIN, TX (May 31, 2018) — Civitas Learning, today, announced the next generation of Inspire, its advising case management solution with embedded analytics and recommendations for student support. Rooted in the experiences of a growing number of institutions that have integrated Civitas Learnings’ student success intelligence into effective advising and coaching initiatives, today’s launch is a response to advisor demand for the integration of this actionable data with the workflow tools they rely on every day.

“Our student support teams now have the time and technical capabilities to not only manage their outreach efficiently, they are able to engage in deeper conversations about specific student’s challenges — and opportunities,” said Kellie Ziemak, Student Services Project Coordinator at St. Petersburg College in Florida. “Now, advisors are able to focus their practice on the most high-impact opportunities to improve student persistence, satisfaction, and success and proactively manage their outreach and advising efforts throughout the term. This has translated to more manageable peak periods and improved our staff’s ability to help more students at the moments they need it most.”

Civitas Learning’s Inspire helps advisors more quickly and accurately support students by integrating important student context and personalized recommendations into the case management platform — instead of leaving advisors to search for the context often needed with simple early warning systems.

A diverse cross-section of two- and four-year colleges and research universities are already using the solution to improve student engagement and support. Upon deploying the technology for advising staff, Northwestern University reported that it facilitated advising relationships, simplified appointment scheduling, and increased information sharing with notes and flags. Utah State University’s use of the advising solution began in response to advisors’ need for tools that would allow them to focus on building close relationships with students.

“Now, we have more time to really connect with students and make sure we’re discussing critical things about their journey,” said Mykel Beorchia, Director of University Advising, at Utah State University. “When our advisors leverage deeper intelligence — including student-level predictions — and uncover new opportunities to connect with students, their job becomes remarkably easier. They are able to leverage the insights from Inspire so they can focus on the conversations and creative problem solving with students that make an impact on their success.”

Advisors at Colgate University have, likewise, reported that Civitas Learning’s advising solution improved advisor workflows and communication, thereby breaking down information silos and simplifying the advisor’s ability to share critical information with student success teams. To date, advisor adoption of the solution at Colgate has reached nearly 70 percent.

“Too often, a solvable gap in information, people or resources is the root cause when a student slows down or stops out. An analytically fueled, holistic advising approach empowers frontline student-support professionals with data and insights previously trapped in a web of campus information systems and ambiguous early alerts,” said Dr. Mark D. Milliron, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Civitas Learning. “We share our university and community-college partners’ belief that to serve all students, you have to see all students. And it’s been remarkable to see the measurable impact our partners are having in their diverse student success initiatives when they’re empowered by this technology and insight.”

Civitas Learning, long known for its work in student success analytics and proven outcomes, offers solutions to focus on student enrollment, persistence management, academic planning and completion, efficacy measurement, and holistic advising. Institutions using Civitas Learning’s advising solutions frequently see up to double-digit percentage-point gains in student persistence and graduation rates.

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