Civitas Learning and Instructure Partner for Data Sharing Integration to Better Drive Student Success

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AUSTIN, TEX. (June 18, 2015) – Civitas Learning® the predictive analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) innovator, and Instructure, the creator of the Canvas learning management system (LMS), today announced a partnership to share data across systems to help paint a fuller, broader, and more complete picture of the student journey for university and college partners. From the beginning, Civitas Learning has had a commitment to help its institutional partners bring deep, relevant data to the front lines of learning.

This partnership allows Civitas Learning insights to be integrated with the Canvas LMS, and brings that LMS data back into the Civitas Learning analytics platform and applications to help colleges and universities make the most of their data. This partnership and workflow will provide an increased ease of analysis for University of Central Florida (UCF) and will provide them deeper and richer insights in Illume®, the core application of the Civitas Learning platform, based on the inclusion of transactional data from the LMS. Illume is a powerful app providing a compelling view of a given institution’s historical and predictive student flow.

A long–time participant and leader in the predictive analytics work in higher education, and a Civitas Learning Pioneer Partner institution, UCF will be the first university to benefit from the companies’ data sharing integration program.

“We’re firmly committed to student success,” said Joel Hartman, vice provost for Information Technologies and Resources at UCF. “ One of UCF’s five presidential goals is to become America’s leading partnership university, and we believe this partnership with Civitas Learning and Instructure can provide us with additional insights that we can use in real time to help our students achieve their educational goals. Having access to near–live insights across both systems will be a game–changer in many ways and will help us shift from examining student success retrospectively and by cohort, to reaching out to students predictively as individuals.”

“We’re excited about this partnership for a number of reasons,” said Charles Thornburgh, founder and CEO of Civitas Learning. “Fulfilling our mission–which is to help a million more students per year successfully complete their college journey–requires the cooperation of strong, collaborative partners among both institutions and data providers. This partnership brings together Instructure, one of the fastest growing LMS providers in higher education, and the University of Central Florida, a dynamic institution whose remarkable commitment to iterating and improving in pursuit of student success is well–documented. The combination of these partners’ skill and will, with our team’s ability to drive actionable insights to the front lines, should drive gains for UCF students this year, and will help define effective practice for the institutions utilizing Canvas and Civitas Learning today, and in the years to come.”

UCF has developed an institution–wide framework for initiatives aimed at fostering student success. Critical to this framework is the ability to better track and analyze student information, and to design more effective interventions. Turning transactional LMS data into actionable insights will help UCF make an impact on interventions — where the rubber meets the road for student success. With one of the nation’s largest online learning initiatives, integrating LMS data into broader institutional insights will also help UCF understand that segment of the student population at a deeper level and to make more data–informed decisions around policy and programs.

About Instructure

Instructure, Inc. is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company that makes software that makes people smarter. With it’s launch of the cloud–based Canvas learning management system in 2011, Instructure has connected more than 18 million teachers and learners at over 1,200 higher ed, K–12 and corporate institutions throughout the world. Because learning doesn’t end after graduation, Instructure also offers Bridge, cloud–based learning platform for corporations that delivers a compelling learning experience, which in turn, allows any workforce to grow, build expertise, and ultimately drive organizational success. Learn more at

About University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida, the nation’s second-largest university with more than 60,000 students, has grown in size, quality, diversity and reputation in its first 50 years. Today, the university offers more than 200 degree programs at its main campus in Orlando and more than a dozen other locations. UCF is an economic engine attracting and supporting industries vital to the region’s future while providing students with real–world experiences that help them succeed after graduation. For more information, visit

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