University Of South Florida

From Plateau To Preeminence With A Culture Of Care

In 2012, USF hit a performance plateau, with retention and graduation rates holding steady for three years. When Florida introduced performance-based funding in 2014, USF knew they had to radically change their approach and their culture. To change their trajectory, they needed to better understand their students and identify opportunities to deliver focused, coordinated care to students who need it most, exactly when they need it.


88 to 91%

first-year retention

68 to 73%

six-year graduation


achievement gap by race, ethnicity, income
“Our institution transformed when activated a network of care providers who fundamentally believe that every student admitted to the University of South Florida will succeed. Now, they have the data and tools they need to do their jobs well — and the impact is palpable.”
Paul Dosal, Vice President for Student Affairs & Student Success