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Supplemental instruction impact on persistence

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UMKC serves 16,000+ undergraduate & graduate students from all 50 states & 85+ countries

Even though UMKC was seeing 1-2% bumps in overall retention, outcomes were not increasing for underrepresented minorities who are central to the school’s mission.

See how UMKC uncovered that one of its largest student success initiatives — Supplemental Instruction — is helping increase students’ likelihood to persist by 7.8 percentage points, and enabling the institution to align their student engagement strategies to maximize the impact of SI to unlock $1.6 million in ROI.

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UMKC’s student outcomes include:







“It’s hard for institutions to stop engaging in the practices that have long been part of their culture. Having clarity around what is – and is not – actually working is how we overcome this. Civitas Learning is a foundational part of how we have these conversations now, with our students always being top of mind.”

Barbara A. Bichelmeyer, Ph.D
Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor /
Professor of Management
University of Missouri-Kansas City

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