When you put students first, everyone wins

Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) prides itself on its ability to shepherd and mold students to thrive in a world that is becoming increasingly complex and culturally diverse, both locally and globally.

In order to fulfill the future aspirations of its students, TAMIU puts its money where its mission is. With its new Academic Innovation Center, TAMIU’s campus complex represents an investment of more than a quarter billion dollars in higher education.

But even with state-of-the-art facilities, TAMIU knew its gleaming, new halls would be of little value if students never walked them — partly because many found the registration processes to be a challenge.


Easy scheduling improves undergraduate registration

College Scheduler®, Civitas Learning’s scheduling and registration solution, optimizes registration at TAMIU, harmonizes education with the rest of life, and launches careers sooner by bolstering on-time graduation. 

Quick ROI

In one year, TAMIU saw a .43 increase in credit hours registered compared to previous terms. This equates to 3,200 additional credit hours, making the return on investment $280,000!

Student Adoption

In less than three weeks of launching College Scheduler, TAMIU had close to 4,000 unique student users and almost 25,000 logins. This resulted in a 90% adoption rate in the first semester.

TAMIU’s advisors now had time to connect with students:

Before College Scheduler

25 Minutes of

( only 5 minutes of advising )

After College Scheduler

25 Minutes of

( only 5 minutes of scheduling )

TAMIU’s student persistence also benefitted:







“College Scheduler streamlines the registration process. Course scheduling during advising sessions is faster — which allows more time for advisors to engage with the students on mission-focused topics, such as different degrees and faster graduation routes.”

Juan Gilberto Garcia
Associate VP of Student Success /
University Registrar /
Division of Student Success


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