Bentley University’s New SIS Integration Doesn’t Disrupt Student Registration

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Migrating to a new Student Information System (SIS) can feel like a massive undertaking. The data within this system underpins a tremendous amount of information across campus, powering impactful decisions and communication to students.

When Bentley University (Bentley) decided to move from Banner to Workday, they knew they had to prioritize a seamless student experience and guarantee no disruption to their registration process.

Civitas Learning® Student Impact Platform Course Scheduling and Registration solution was already trusted and in use by a majority of Bentley’s student body since 2017, with usage growing steadily due to word-of-mouth marketing from older classes and an intuitive user experience.

To ensure a graceful transition and efficiently re-deploy the solution within the defined schedule, leaders at Bentley University recommend:

  • Engage Stakeholders Early
    Bentley University was aware of their plans to migrate early, and so conversations began early and focused on technical specifications.
  • Carve Out Time For QA
    Toward the end of the project, both technical teams from Bentley University’s IT and Civitas Learning® reserved time for quality assurance testing.

Our students have always loved the schedule planning product for their registration. With support from the Civitas Learning team, we were able to provide our students with a consistent and rewarding registration experience despite our SIS migration.

PJ Dickson
Assistant Dean / Director, New Student Academic Programs Bentley University

After a seamless migration, Bentley University students were able to continue using the solution they knew and features they trusted. In fact, Bentley University leadership reported:

  • New logins nearly doubled before vs. after the migration, and
  • ~90% student adoption.


To learn more about Bentley University’s work to create a seamless registration experience for students download the Bentley University Case Study.

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