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Experience the power of your institution-specific insights combined with the benefits of our vibrant community sharing learnings across millions of student records.

We are proud to partner with leading institutions across higher education. Starting with six universities and colleges in 2012, we’ve grown our community to include more than 285 colleges, universities and systems, serving more than 6.5 million students.


Shared Expertise

We know your top experts are working on your student success initiatives, so we are bringing the highest caliber talent in the industry to collaborate with you. Our team members are recognized nationally and internationally for their achievements in higher education, education technology, data science and engineering.

They have led successful universities, start-ups and healthcare companies. They have multiple patents and countless awards. They are renowned speakers and published authors. But most importantly, they are completely committed to working together with your team for your success.

Campus Teams


DIAL Working Groups

One of many powerful advantages to working with a Student Success Platform is it empowers your cross functional teams to take informed action, regardless of their individual expertise with analytics. Across the country we are seeing departments connecting and collaborating in this work in ways not previously possible.

Central to many institution’s analytics work with us is a DIAL (Data, Insight, Action and Learning) Working Group. Your talented team works in tandem with our Partner Success Managers. Outcomes include greater accountability and better communication across the institution, and action plans based on accurate predictions that are targeted precisely to students who are in most need of support.

Strength In Connections

Civitas means community in Latin. When you join the Civitas, you’re working with hundreds of forward-thinking leaders in a dynamic community that is transforming higher education. We help strengthen your connections year-round including via annual Summit and meetings, research, expert consulting services and The Civitas Learning Space.


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