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PODCAST: Davis Jenkins, Community College Research Center

On the pathways movement and designing better, clearer, and high-quality pathways for striving students.

VIDEO: Lorain County Community College

Reducing time to degree by helping students plan and stay on track, and enable advisors to scale support.

VIDEO: University of Arizona

Bringing teams together to change how they access data, make decisions and collaborate to support students.

VIDEO: University of Washington-Tacoma

Insights reveal 70% of non-persisters are in high academic standing, leaving scholarship money on the table.

PODCAST: Vince Tinto, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus

On personalized education and myths about problems in higher ed, and what we can do to fix them.

VIDEO: University of South Florida

Identifying students at risk and using student lists to take action and increase first-year retention.

VIDEO: Austin Community College

How predictive analytics tools can help institutions see what’s behind the data — real students with lives.

VIDEO: Utah State University

Institutions can use analytics to nudge students and share a responsibility in getting them to graduation.


PODCAST: Gerardo de los Santos, formerly The League for Innovation

On the need to find a balance between access and success in order to improve student outcomes.

VIDEO: Del Mar College

Simple moves that led to an increase in graduation when coaches used data to reach out to students.

VIDEO: Northern Arizona University

How centralized data and Salesforce integration has help enable advisors and support iPASS initiatives.

PODCAST: Laura Malcolm, Co-Founder and SVP Outcomes & Strategy

Shifting from transactional to transformational comms with students to address non-academic challenges.

VIDEO: Austin Community College

Building better pathways for students to increase advising efficiency to lift student persistence.

VIDEO: Lone Star College

Giving advisors a holistic view of each student to help them prioritize and personalize support.

VIDEO: St. Petersburg Community College

The organic evolution of institutional analytics culture, driven by the notion that data belongs to everybody.

VIDEO: DeVry Education Group

How advisors monitor all students in real-time, getting time back to support students who need the most help.

PODCAST: Laura Malcolm, Community Insights Issue 2

Unpacking findings about high GPA departures, predictiveness of engagement data and admissions exams.

VIDEO: Austin Community College

How new technologies have transformed the academic advising experience and helped increase persistence.

VIDEO: Lone Star College

Putting data in the hands of staff across the institution to bring ideas forward and enable action.

VIDEO: Montgomery County Community College

Cross-functional teams to develop research questions, explore insights and take action that improves success.

PODCAST: Cathy Casserly, EdCast, a Stanford StartX company

On microcredentials and more trends around personalization across higher education institutions.

VIDEO: Coastline Community College District

Empowering counselors with student data to help them design and deliver the right messages to students.

VIDEO: Austin Community College

Analyzing the true impact of student success initiatives to make data-informed decisions.

VIDEO: University of Arizona

Using powerful predictors to inform initiatives focused on first-year student success, now and over time.

PODCAST: Robert Strazzarino, College Scheduler

On the rise of mission-driven millennial entrepreneurs in ed-tech, and the founding of College Scheduler.

VIDEO: West Hill Community College

How data enables institutions to ask the right questions that add precision to student success initiatives.