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According to the Lumina Foundation, 38% of today’s students have competing obligations and are less likely to finish college. When class registration approaches each term, this means that finding and scheduling classes can be a difficult task for our busy students, and it also often creates a heavy load for institutions. What if there was a way to eliminate scheduling headaches for both students and institutions? What if this solution not only optimized the student’s academic journey but also promoted student persistence at the same time? Harper College discovered a way to do just that and unlocked $120k in the process — within one short semester.
Identifying Opportunities to better serve students
Harper College, a 2 year institution located in Illinois, used their student success toolkit to illuminate insights with their student populations through the use of a persistence management solution. When they launched Illume in November 2017, they had a short window of time to identify opportunities from emerging student trends to create an action plan on how to help their currently enrolled students before spring class registration ended. They took a deeper dive into this particular subset of students to identify if there was anything that stood out. One of their most Powerful Predictors identified the tipping point for their students – at 5.14 credit hours. With this information, Harper College recognized that by encouraging those who fell below this credit threshold to take one more course — or at least 5 credit hours, signaled a noticeable difference in persistence.
Personalizing Outreach to Schedule One More Course
Once Harper College uncovered this insight, they took immediate action and mapped out a simple plan with the help of their Student Communication Manager.  A personalized nudge went out to 2,036 students in good standing who were registered for the term, but had less than 6 credits for the spring 2018 term, which meant these students still had enough time to take action and add another course. Using templates available in the Nudge Hub, they implemented a nudge campaign for these 2,036 part-time students to encourage them to add just one more course. A link to their academic and career planning solution was embedded within the email, which simplified the call to action for students. After sending just one nudge two weeks prior to the start of the spring semester, they were able to encourage 199 students to moderately increase their course load, resulting in additional 289 courses taken total! For Harper College that resulted in a 1 percentage point lift in students taking 7 or more credit hours compared to the previous year, and an additional 898 credit hours — or almost $120,000 dollars in tuition revenue. Watch the video to find out how Harper College streamlined their students’ experience, identified a new opportunity to support students, and used a class registration tool to simplify their student’s scheduling.