Tailored Data Science

Our data scientists do the heavy lifting for you. We create predictive models that uniquely reflect the current and evolving state of your institution so that you can innovate with precision and at scale.


Action Analytics

Statistical Rigor

We take in data from disparate silos, unify and transform it to derive new variables. Ninety-five percent of the predictive power of our Student Insights Engine and action apps comes from derived variables that inform more than 1,500 predictive models. Each college or university partner has up to 30 unique models specific to that institution and its students. These models power apps and actions to help students learn well and finish strong.

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Decode "Data Science Speak" With This Glossary for Higher Ed


Apps Built for
the Front Lines of Learning

Our apps are designed with the end-user in mind. You will be empowered to take initiative with discernible insights that drive learning outcomes and support student success. Energize your institution’s analytics culture by building consensus around data-proven innovation.

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