TAMIU’s Student-Centric Registration Bolsters Persistence

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Because Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) is concerned about offering all the courses that will further their students’ career prospects, it made a concerted effort to help them master a particular area of competency:


Not the baseballs-fire torches-chainsaws kind of juggling, but rather the more essential life-balance skillset. TAMIU recognized that its students were increasingly challenged by job and family responsibilities that added a layer of complexity to fulfilling their coursework. As a result, they were having difficulty finding open courses that accommodated both their academic and personal requirements.

And that poses a real threat. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, as many as 75% of undergraduates have at least one thing in their lives—such as being a single parent or having a part-time job—that can create a scheduling and time management obstacle course. It’s a conflict that often presents a stark challenge to retention and graduation.

To help their students find a better balance between learning and life, TAMIU turned to Civitas Learning’s Course Scheduling and Registration software, a schedule planning solution that simplifies the registration experience for students while increasing available time for student success-focused activities for advisors.


The registration experience is one of the most significant touchstones on the path toward completing a degree. TAMIU realized the life-changing impact that might result if the scheduling and registration process was optimized to fit their students’ specific needs. Find out how TAMIU was able to the Civitas Learning Student Impact Platform to significantly increased student persistence across key groups.


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