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Quantifying the impact of academic support programs

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Quantifying the impact of academic support programs

As operating costs per FTE increased by 36%, retention remained flat at Monroe Community College. Expensive programs designed to keep students in school didn’t seem to have the desired impact on outcomes.

Monroe Community College uncovered that one of its largest academic support programs was increasing students’ likelihood to persist by 5.9 percentage points! Learn how Civitas Learning®’s efficacy measurement solution – Impact® – is helping the college optimize, prioritize, and allocate resources toward what works.

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Civitas Learning’s platform benefited Monroe by uncovering:







Programs were most effective for these student groups:

Zero Terms Completed

Re-admitted Undergrads

Part-time Attendance

Lowest Persistence Probability

“It became important to restructure how everyone on campus was going to use data — that was critical to the engagement with Civitas Learning.”

Julianna Frisch
Assistant to the President / Strategic Initiatives
Monroe Community College

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