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Tina Donahoo
Areas of expertise
  • Change management
  • Financial aid assessment
  • Evaluation and optimization of student success programs
  • Leveraging Civitas Learning analytics for accreditation
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Tina Donahoo

Tina Donahoo is a Principal Strategic Consultant at Civitas Learning where she works with colleges and universities on the use of advanced analytics for assessment and optimization of student success initiatives and financial aid allocation. As the child of immigrant parents and a first-generation college graduate, she brings an inherit skill of translating complex ideas into concepts that the audience can easily understand.

She is passionate about helping institutions use data insights to better support students and help them succeed, working with clients to quantify the impact of campus initiatives and financial aid and translate those findings to key stakeholders on campus. Bringing nearly 20 years of consultative work in higher education, policy, and nonprofits, Tina helps institutions perform rigorous efficacy measurement of student success initiatives to optimize finite resources, personalize student support and demonstrate the impact of student programs to donors, board members, institutional leaders, and the community.

Prior to joining Civitas Learning, Tina spent 12 years as a Senior Consultant and Principal at Marts & Lundy in fundraising analytics. In that capacity, she conducted data modeling, statistical analysis, and benchmarking across over 100 nonprofit organizations worldwide including higher education institutions. She analyzed fundraising potential, staffing requirements, and prospect projections for campaigns ranging from $10 million to $3 billion. Additionally, Tina has authored several research papers and taught a short course at Rice University on the Use of Data to Strengthen Fundraising.

Tina holds a B.S. from Virginia Tech and a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. She is currently a board member and chair of the Development Committee of The Rise School of Austin.