When Learning Hurts

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vt_tribute Senseless, horrific, and disturbing are only a few of the descriptions that come to mind when contemplating Monday’s tragedy at Virginia Tech. Who, how, and why are only a few of the questions for which we want answers. Regardless of the answers, however, the hurt this incident will inflict on all involved will be deep and lasting. Moreover, ripples of this hurt are already radiating out in our larger national psyche. These school, college, and university tragedies hurt so much and so broadly precisely because they violate the very nature of learning. Learning is genesis. It’s supposed to lead to new and better life. It’s supposed to nurture the seeds of promise to bring forth the buds of potential that open up into the glorious blooms of possibility. It’s not supposed to reap, but to sow and grow. When these violent acts viciously violate our learning venues it hits hard. Our thoughts, prayers, and support go out to the students, faculty, families, and friends involved in Monday’s tragedy. You have the love, care, and concern of millions flowing your way. And let’s hope that the administrative allegations, political pontifications, and social recriminations don’t dominate the national dialogue for too long. Rather, let’s strive to come together sooner than later and focus on honoring those lost and supporting those hurt by this tragic incident.

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